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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I don’t think Fascination were ever their management; they were on Fascination as a label (also Peter Loraine) until the break and I think the label maybe didn’t exist anymore during the Ten era? As I’m sure Ten and Something New were back to Polydor.
  2. That was my understanding as I didn’t think Peter acted as their manager... ever?
  3. Sarah Harding attempting to dance in the Biology video, lives rent free in my mind.
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  4. I still can't believe the Ten era was 8 years ago.

    Little Mix were just launching with Wings during that time and they themselves have just ended an era with Jesys departure.

    I wish a new girlband would launch, it feels like its time to welcome one.
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  5. The added dash in this thread title after 13 years!
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  6. Stumbled upon this lil gem today. Love how they dont need any production to shine.
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  7. Mine too, he was definitely involved with them at Polydor though. I wonder if it’s Fascination they would go through for any future projects.
  8. I mean... Sarah Harding attempting to dance lives rent free in my mind.
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  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Iconic cover art to be fair! The hairstyles, particularly Nicola's fff. Edge!!
  10. Kimberley serving Samara from the Ring a bitsy too.
  11. They were always managed by Hilary Shaw as far as I can remember (after the initial Louis Walsh debacle of course). But as others said Fascination as an imprint was their label until it ceased to exist and they reverted to Polydor as their parent label.
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  12. Poor Kimberley.
  13. Ha ha how could I have forgotten Kimba’s organisation skills. Bad fan!
  14. Not Tonight Santa is that Xmas song? Yes! Thought so.
  15. Isn’t it funny to think that if Girls Aloud had been one hit wonders, we’d probably remember their debut album as an underrated pop classic in a similar ilk to a Holly Valance or Rachel Stevens album.

    But against all odds, they went on to release a non-stop tirade of solid gold pop masterpieces which completely eclipsed their debut album. My point being that we’d probably remember their debut with more fondness if it was their only album.
  16. I still love their debut album. Like as bad as it is, I bopped and still do bop to Mars Attack.

    But Girls Allowed, Don't Want You Back, Boogie Down Love, Love/Hate, White Lies and the singles are all fantastic pop.
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  17. "All I Need (All I Don't)" is still genius.
  18. Their debut is perfection and was the best example of a post-'early 00s pop/rock' sound that no one truly accomplished like they did.
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  19. ADM


    The Jesy news this week made me think about Girls Aloud. Even though it was bumpy at the end, we never had to go through someone leaving, one of those vital cogs in the wheel being missing for a performance. It really was 5 or none, and I think it will always be that way, whatever may come.
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