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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Or like Jonathan Ross pointed out....

  2. She didn’t half pull it off though.
  3. I always thought she looked so chic. They all looked glamorous during the Tangled Up era.
  4. My only complaint is the awful weave she added for the tour.
  5. Control of the Knife is truly a bop and a half. The medley with Trick Me was pretty genius. Plus I love the choreo for the tour as well!
  6. The fact that I could have seen them live in Belgium but they showed the wrong program in the magazines... still makes me mad.
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  7. I really like Sarah's hair in that style/era.
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  8. I think the shorter do on Sarah in general suited her so well and gave her a bit more of an edge than just the peroxide blonde. My favorite look for her was the slicked Twiggy look in The Promise video
  9. Sarah’s book is available to preorder now.

  10. I nearly burst into tears seeing at the fact that they’d chosen that image. Where it all began.
  11. I want to see the girls on tour so badly in 2022. I don't even care if it's a cash-in, "Twenty" tour with no new music...I just want to see them again!
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  12. I'm still not over Brian McFadden being involved in this pop opus.
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  13. Sarah’s health dependent, I’m sure they would do a tour in 2023.
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  14. I completely understand the privacy element but I wish there were more updates from Sarah, I’m so worried about her. Sounds mad really but I feel like I know her after nearly 20 years!
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  15. SBK


    Yeah, she's followed them since the Sarah news came out. The morning it was announced they all started following each other again.

    Not gonna lie, my heart was in my stomach seeing a picture of Sarah randomly pop up in my timeline.
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  16. It’s out of stock on Amazon UK?
  17. Not for me?
  18. ADM


    The dance break in Revolution in The Head from the OOC tour doing loops in my head all day and, hunny, you stay looping.

  19. This is what I get when I search.

    Now Amazon UK is straight up lying I see... in fact, it seems I can’t buy anything straight from Amazon UK right now, just third party sellers. What?
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