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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Found a channel that has just uploaded their videos in HD 60fps, it's quite the revelation!

  2. Yeah they’ve been posting them for a while and it’s been discussed before. Unfortunately if you look closely on some of the videos you’ll notice it’s not real HD it’s just upscaled but it’s still great to have
  3. That one screenshot someone on here posted of Nightmare Fuel Cheryl from the “Something Kinda Ooooh” upscale stuck with me.
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  4. Again, just happy to finally have some of these videos available on YouTube in the US for the first time in 13, 14 years. Bless this account for their work.

  5. it’s too funny!
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  6. upload_2021-1-20_18-3-37.gif
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  7. She looks like a thumb.
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  8. I KNOW! I watched it earlier for the first time since maybe looked like pixels
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  9. SBK


    Definitely think that if there's any kind of marking of an anniversary, they should sort out their YouTube. Get everything up in the highest possible quality. I'm not even expecting 4k remasters, just something more than 480, the official Biology video looks like a 2002 dodgy Real Player stream
  10. Absolutely, a full update would be appreciated.

    Although I think another poster mentioned last time that, because of the way their videos were shot, there’s a limit to how much they can be improved sadly.
  11. My friends when I hit the beach after a buzz cut.

    I can not wait for Sarah's bible. I'm getting the e-book asap.
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  12. I mean, I wouldn't even care if they were 720p, but that Biology video needs to be fixed. It's not even the full video, it's cropped and weird?
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  13. I have a lot of their videos from iTunes which were great at the time but blurry as hell now. Some I have are from the maxi singles and honestly look like slideshows. So really anything is an upgrade.
  14. I honestly think Chemistry may be my favourite album cover of theirs (apart from TEN).

    They’re all serving FACE
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  15. Chemistry is such an essential pop album , hell it’s an essential album period. The creativity remains unmatched for me.
  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Posh Spice!
  17. Fake 4K is definitely doable but they need the proper tools and the proper equipment. The Spice Girls did it and I doubt they were scans from the original negatives (ideal for remasters) and most of them look great.

    The ones posted here look pretty good for fan attempts though.
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  18. Yeah if a fan got this close, it can be done!

    Can’t Speak French is slightly Gaussian blur, but it’s awesome to see that serve of a music video shine.
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  19. STAHP
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