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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. This honestly made my Sunday morning.

  2. ~waits impatiently for Call the Shots and The Loving Kind to be uploaded~
  3. I think Call the Shots is up in 720p50fps
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  4. What about the Style DVD weren't the videos good quality in that?
  5. Speaking of. Sarah and Cheryl's commentaries were really cute.

    Sarah: "There's my hand again" haha
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  6. SBK


    Guess we'll get another buzz track soon then!
  7. I doubt it, she didn’t really have a buzz song for Manchester Pride? (Unless ‘Let You’ was it? But then she never performed it? So..)

    I think she’s at a comfortable place playing her Greatest Hits, chuckin in some Girls Aloud hits and the odd current cover to pad out an hour set for these kinds of things
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  8. Someone pls tell me that this gets a livestream online or something.
  9. It probably won't go ahead ddd
  10. “Look how glamorous it is being in Girls Aloud!”

    “This is why I do not drink people!”

    Guess what I’m watching?
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  11. Is a new Nicola album going to happen?
  12. Whoever booked that lineup certainly did a great job! Go Nadine!
  13. Black Jacks is still that 10/10 banger, whew.
  14. Sarah being glad the choreo is done at the end is a mood.

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  15. It's still a head-scratching moment when you realise they chose that Beautiful track over this as a single...
  16. It’s amazing that their break only lasted three years and yet it felt like a complete eternity at the time.

    Watching some of their 2012 interviews and I’m struck by how polished and professional they are (aside from Nadine who still tries to bring the fun). Cheryl was one of the most famous people in the country at that point, which I guess added it’s own element of pressure.

    I feel like if they reunited now, it would be much more fun and carefree. I’d hope so anyway.
  17. They were faced with picking between two incredible tracks - it was always going to be hard to choose.
  18. I really hope this is sarcasm.
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