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Girls Aloud - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. They had two incredible tracks to choose from (On the metro or Every now and then) yet somehow...
  2. Agreed. Clearly so hard to choose, that they didn’t go for either in the end.
  3. Something New>Every Now and Then>On the Metro>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...............the other one
  4. Three in that case! But the right song was chosen.
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  5. I can't. I can't. I can't. Is there someone who actually likes that dumpster fire of a song?
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  6. Yes, you quoted them. It's a point of contention.
  7. The idea that it’s even an issue after all these years of being raked over the coals for it is...bizarre now!
  8. I haven't seen any commentary about it before. Apologies.
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  9. I’m fine with the sappy ballad getting released for Christmas, whatever. What I truly don’t understand is why they didn’t make it a single after and shoot a video before the tour kicked off. It would have also tied the whole GA legacy up with their first and last singles both underground oriented. The possibilities...
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  10. I like the song. It should not have been chosen as a single.
  11. No. xx
  12. Okay but when you think about it...

    Standing over the basin
    I’ve been washing my face in
    Jet black mascara racing
    Down my cheeks til I taste it

    Does sound like a lyric taken straight from What Will The Neighbours Say. I can understand why they were fooled into thinking it sounded like a Girls Aloud song. Alas, the chorus proved it wasn’t.
  13. Yall really need to stop this Beautiful slander (it's tired now), its a good song if they had promoted it as a "goodbye" single it could've a decent hit and Nicola shined on this song
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  14. Whether or not Beautiful Cause You Love Me is a good song is by the by. It’s not a Girls Aloud song. It doesn’t have the spirit, the energy or the precision that the vast majority of their discography had.

    Considering they chose the song themselves, it was also a rather unfortunate indication that the girls themselves didn’t understand what made their music so special.
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  15. This topic about as tired as s*jjadali what if posts from yesteryear fff
  16. Its a perfect GA and something different and they pulled it off just fine vocally I don't understand the dislike for it. Like i said before the slander it gets here is TIRED
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  17. I'm with you sis. You're not alone in this.
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  18. Nadine absolutely hating The Song That Shall Not Be Named makes me love her even more. It truly feels like she was the one who got thier music and style the most. She's one of us. Still not over her admitting she wasn't that close to the other girls because she always out partying with the gays.
  19. Beautiful Cuz You Love Me is not even that different from Whole Lotta History or their karaoke cover of I'll Stand By You so I'm not sure what the outrage over it not sounding Girls Aloud enough comes from. Is it a good song? Not especially, no. But they aren't exactly known for top notch ballads, are they?*

    * No, The Loving Kind, Untouchable, and Call the Shots are not ballads.
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  20. Whole Lotta History still leaves me all funkaaayyy I was listening to it on a sunny winterey walk along the beach earlier.
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