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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I think it's mostly the lyrical content that people were saying felt off for Girls Aloud? Seeking validation from a significant other is just not the kind of sentiment they usually went with.
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  2. Everything about it reeked of Atomic Kitten in the worst way, which went against everything Girls Aloud was known & popular for.
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  3. Not to mention....

    It puts me to sleep.
  4. I'm not here for the Atomic Kitten slander. Their Greatest Hits is top tier pop. Just a different kind to Girls Aloud.
  5. In a world full of uncertainty, one thing we can 100% always count on. @JMRGBY coming on full swinging the second someone mentions 'Beautiful' in a negative light. It's like his bat signal. I love it. dd

    The only issue the song is atrocious so that happens often. Poor thing must be exhausted but you don't choose Attomic Kitten defence team, it chooses you.
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  6. The fact that other people can bring it up, spend pages slagging it off then I get jumped on or told I'm 'coming in swinging' for one or two posts defending it is...well, it says it all to me. I've politely in the past asked for this topic to stop and it never does.

    I do just wanna make one point here; nowhere in the song does it mention a significant other. The song could easily be about a friend or a relative.
  7. 'Whole Lotta History' is top tier Girls Aloud.
  8. Here's the thing. It is not that its a bad song, per say, its a bad Girls Aloud song. Even most Girls Aloud ballads have melodic hooks, wonderful instrumentation, synths, ect. to give them that extra something. Even I'll Stand By You, while not as good as the original, is saved by their vocals and harmonies.

    Cut to Beautiful, none of their vocal performances speak to me... at all. Its like none of them were on the same page, no producer to give any kind of feedback what-so-ever. And the cheesy 'My Baby's absolutely ruin an already poor song to my ears. And the way they produced the song... Where is the Oomph that is normally in every Girls Aloud production to give it that tone and feeling? Its a beautifully written track but with those 5 girls and the awfully bland and boring production given, pass.

    I would probably like it a hell of a lot more if one of them, probably Nicola, had done it as a solo track.
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  9. Life Got Cold would have something to say about that...
  10. I have a soft sport for 100 Different Ways. Feel free to judge.
  11. Excluding I Stand By You which was a cover, it's the definitive GA ballad for me.
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  12. Perhaps if they had marketed the song as a solidarity moment where they were singing about each other, with a Say Goodbye (S Club 7) style video, looking back over their 10 years together then it may have been better received. In the same way that Always Be Together is admired by some Little Mix fans due to its message. despite the fact that musically it does not represent them at their best.
    However, the way it was presented, especially pretty much Nadine-less, did not send this vibe out.
    At a time where Beneath Your Beautiful and Little Things were big hits, I can sort of see why the record label might have thought it would be a good idea to release it.

    Also why am I only just discovering this now??
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  13. Why is there literally no Nadine on the track? Who's clever idea was that...
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  14. "Every mark on my body, you know every inch of me" etc.

    Even friends who've seen each other naked aren't likely to know every inch of each other's bodies. And other lyrics make it clear that the love(r) hasn't always been in their life, so not a relative either.
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  15. Again, 'you know every inch of me' doesn't necessarily mean their naked body.
  16. Girls Aloud (specifically musically/lyrically) were never about needing validation, if the whole world called them "ugly" they would give the finger and hair flip away, not because a partner appreciates them but because they believe in themselves.
  17. I think it's pretty clear the latter part of this verse is about the physical:

    "Every mark on my body; you know every inch of me
    All the parts that I used to hate, you glorify"

    It doesn't scan that the writers switched up the "every inch" part in contrast to the "every mark" and "all the parts." Those two lines are of a piece.
  18. Beautiful would have been a great ballad for a solo Nicola project, and lyrically it would make a lot more sense that way. What truly gets me is Kimberley getting 2 verses (and sounding off key in the second one) while Nadine gets relegated to background vocals duty. As it turned out it felt very transparent and cynical.
  19. ADM


    I've kind of tried to listen to Nicola and Kimberleys live's with Shane Cooper (I think is his name, their friend who works in skincare) to see if there would be anything GA related but I didn't stick around long enough.

    Kimberley just said 'there's a few things bubbling that hopefully will come out soon' or something, but it's probably some milk promo again..
  20. She’s on the demo! (1 minute in)

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