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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I’m not convinced vinyl pressings will ever happen, so I still think you made the best/smartest decision.
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  2. SBK


    Yeah I doubt Ten will ever be released on vinyl. The studio albums, possibly...
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  3. Untouchable's single version always annoyed me too - they gave more lines to Cheryl (I assume because she was so popular at the time, being on X-Factor) but I always found her vocal a little off key, when she sings "untouchabllllleee''.
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  4. I do like that the single versions splits lines between Nadine, Cheryl and Kimberly/Sarah in the chorus. However the added effects on the single version are horrible and the album version remains superior.
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  5. The overuse of autotune on the single version is not appealing at all.
  6. Nothing can compare to the album version of Untouchable. Anyone who was at the Out of Control tour will agree how excellent it worked in an arena setting.
  7. I usually have different vocal arrangements of the same song on my personal collection. I.E. Some Kind Of Miracle.
    However Untouchable is my exception. As the album version is ALL you need. Far superior to the crappy single version. And such a moment for the tour.
    The album version is a work of art!
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  8. The edited album version would have worked better as a single but I understand why they updated it because everyone would have had the album by that time and it's not unusual for single mixes to be made to entice people to still buy it.
  9. It's not really autotune though, it's more like using a vocoder for a stylised robotic sound, not to make them sound on key.
  10. I knew it was wrong when I was typing it out! Yup vocoder, I get what they were going for but it just doesn't work at all.
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  11. Someone on here once called it Untouchable; T-Pain Remix and I've thought of it as that ever since ddd.
  12. The accuracy. When you go for Cher but you end up sounding like T-Pain, a mess.
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  13. The album version is super dull for me and I prefer the single mix despite the intro, which is really the only time the vocoder is super noticeable (had they released it without the vocoder, it would have been better). It’s the beefed up production that gets me (which is why the album edit doesn’t do it for me either) and the fact they sing the chorus in unison for most of it as opposed to the album version. I also love love love the cold ending rather than the album’s fade.
  14. ...
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  15. What’s this ‘original album edit’?

    I can only recall the 6-minute album version and the radio edit, don’t remember this existing..
  16. I think that was an edit without all the effects.

    But I also remember hearing that "Untouchable" was supposed to sound like the radio mix in the end, but they didn't have time to re-produce the vocals until it came time for it to be a single?
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  17. SBK


    Its just a shorter version of the album version, it was on the digital EP.
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  18. I like the rave beat of the single remix and wish they had just beefed up the album version's production a little and left the vocals as they were.
  19. I love both versions (the album version is better though) the fact it stalled at number 11 still pains me.
  20. This made me laugh earlier!

    “Life Got Cold” is still so underrated. My favourite GA ballad.

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