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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. For a random Children in Need single, Beautiful would have worked. But as it was a comeback, Something New was what they needed. They should have come back before Children in Need so when Beautiful was released, they would have got more exposure and definitely wouldn't have bombed down at #97.
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  2. Kimberley says in her book that she pushed for On The Metro to be the first single and was disappointed they went with Something New so I'm not sure it was as clear cut as Nadine made out.
  3. Nicola has also said she thought On The Metro should have been the first single.
  4. Yeah, I was about to chime in to say I remember reading that too.

    Love Nadine, but I think there's some revisionist history/fan pandering happening in that (2017) quote.
  5. Something New is also so clearly written as a "comeback" single, so I can't imagine Xenomania were expecting anything else to be the lead either.

    Is Kimberley's book worth reading? I never bothered at the time but I've loved all the Girls Aloud reminiscing in Sarah's, is there a similar amount?
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  6. I think Nadine just has a habit of overexaggerating things a little sometimes, rather than pandering to the fans. In her eyes, she probably did think that Beautiful was going to be the Children in Need single. Maybe they all discussed that it was the better track to go with as a charity single, rather than their comeback single? And there were plans for more songs after? There's so much that goes on behind closed doors that we don't know.
  7. They probably all thought in their heads that X song would be the comeback song. I'd imagine Nicola thought as she was involved in the writing that 'On the metro' would be good as it developed their sound but still sounds classic GA. Kimberley probably did as she was told and supported that. The record company wouldn't have risked a non Xeno song as the lead. The song I shall not mention was probably a compromise.
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  8. While it’s the anniversary of the SunSilk adverts would everyone kindly bombard Brian on Twitter with questions on what the deal was with that song, Boys Are Back In Town.

    I think it was just a polished chorus idea but who knows.
  9. Yeah Something New is the obvious comeback single down to the lyrics and everything. Beautiful would have been a cute CiN tie-in and ballad choice for the holidays had On the Metro been released as the proper last single. As it stands the whole era just fell apart after Someone New.
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  10. Something New was the right choice in terms of what to come back with. How I wish they’d released On the Metro in the February to coincide with the tour though!
  11. I thought he (or someone) explained at some point that it was just one of the countless recorded song portions that never got included on a finished track.
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  12. Beautiful would have been the perfect winter single. Man I say this all the time but I could see it have been a good hit for them here in the US. I initially didn't care for Something New I was disappointed actually when then came back with it and still really don't care for it. I prefer On The Metro over it as an uptempo but Beautiful was their best out of three had been promoted right was a good send off ballad
  13. oh cool, I don’t remember that.
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  14. We all know they should have ended things with On the Metro.

    Starting your career with Sound of the Underground and ending it with On the Metro. Come on. It would have been genius.
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  15. SBK


    Didn't someone ask one of the girls on some fan Q&A thing and they said it wasn't a full song, just a bit they had.

    edit, yep deffo heard somewhere it wasn't a full song:
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  16. It’s hard for me to consider “Beautiful” as a single when it didn’t even get a specific single release. It’s on the same level as “Theme to St. Trinians”.

    Maybe if it was released by Beyoncé but it would’ve sank like a stone into oblivion as a Girls Aloud single.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Beautiful Cause You Love Me literally doesn't register in their discography for me. Delete Yes Yes Yes!
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  18. Something New has literally got ‘comeback single’ written all over it. Any suggestion that it was going to be another song is absurd to me.
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  19. The amount of debate I did with myself including “Beautiful” on my custom designed TEN vinyl pressing..... what a headache. I kept it, to be true to their vision, but my god, what a car crash going from “On The Metro” to THAT....

    only to end it with the melancholic trance stomper that is “Every Now and Then”.... I’ll never understand.
  20. I disagree I played this song for friends and stuff and they instantly hooked on to it especially considering the type of ballads being released here at the time this song could have broke them in
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