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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Racy Lacy is fine. It’s camp and sillly with a 60s vibe. Not a standout moment for them but not dismissible either.
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  2. Now that should have been their final single. Not that horrible, foreign (for Girls Aloud) sounding dire damp mess that was Beautiful Cause You Love Me.
  3. Nah that songs to much of cluster to have worked as a single if they wanted to end on a uptempo On The Metro was the better choice. If only had the promoted properly ( and fans gave the song an actual chance instead of shredding it pieces) Beautiful Cause You Love Me would have been the perfect send off hit.
  4. Are we still talking about Beautiful? Really? Come on guys, let’s move on, please!
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  5. I still talk about it every single day, because it's great. And that's a hill I'm entirely willing to die on. xoxo
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  6. SBK


    For something y'all hate so much, you don't half talk about it a lot.
  7. I second this emotion, I try not to always jump on the defensive and everyone has their own opinions and views but the unnecessary dragging Beautiful receives is tired, somebody gotta show it some love around here but I'm gone from it
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  8. To each their own, honey.
  9. People wouldn't be talking about Beautiful if it wasn't their final single (see: See The Day). There's a lot of bitterness about how the band came to and end and Beautiful just symbolises that. But yeah, it's tired now.
    (I don't see it as a single as we didn't get a cover art ddd)
  10. No, it was just a poor Girls Aloud song.
  11. Also the lyric and title is stupid and goes against the whole girl power thing the girls supported during their entire careers. I mean... come on...
  12. Oh my god can we please move on.

    I wish we had studio mixes of the way they used to sing their stuff live. Life Got Cold's second verse, Nicola in Wake Me Up, the 'So baaaabyyyy yeaaaahhhh' in The Promise...
  13. Are there any other pictures from that 2012 shoot they did where they are all holding signs with each other's names on?
  14. I forget Beautiful... even exists until I come in this thread!
  15. I've been playing their greatest hits a lot recently and forgot how many gems they had. Call The Shots might be their finest moment, an amazing piece of ethereal pop. Whole Lotta History, Can't Speak French and Untouchable remain brilliant. I never realised how much No Good Advice pops off as well? So underrated.

    Beautiful is straight up bad though, good god. It's forgotten for a reason.
  16. It’s clearly not forgotten considering you all literally will not stop talking about it.
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  17. Moving Along now...

    "Lights Music Camera Action" is such an Underrated b-side

    If they ever do a anniversary release for "Sound of the Underground" i hope this is included as a bonus
  18. The Hits Tour is weird isn’t it, I’m just watching it again now. The way it starts off with them performing the songs in chronological order and then’ Wake Me Up’ is slotted in after ‘Life Got Cold’ and before ‘Jump’ and then half way through the songs are just in any old order. So what was the point in starting them off in order?
    Makes me laugh how after the first 2 songs Nadine is like “we’re going to take it way back to the beginning now” when the first songs were already from the beginning and she doesn’t know the year ‘Life Got Cold’ was from. Mess.
    I don’t like how they censor the swearing in ‘No Good Advice’ either.

    Anyway, moaning over. They all sound and look great. Shame I never got to see them perform live. I’d have loved to have seen the tour for Tangled Up.
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  19. I mean, you could just ignore the comments? You don’t get to control the narrative of the thread sis.

    Plus, it’s not a great song lyrically. Melody wise, I don’t mind it.
  20. As nonsensical as the Ten Tour setlist is, I think it works perfectly.
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