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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I must say, I did get a slight lump in my throat during the 'Untouchable' performance when they are stood in a circle facing one another and raise out their hands to touch. With everything going on right now with Sarah and the girls seemingly coming back together to mend bridges it sort of hit quite hard that they may not be able to perform together again.
  2. What's your top 10 most listened songs?
    Here's mine:

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  3. [​IMG]

    I clearly have a thing for their all guns blazing mega bops and melancholy electropop moments.
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  4. I can't be bothered to dust off my Singles Collection but I believe it was there that Brian said because they didn't get radio airplay anyway (hence why they did a lot of covers), they went 'well, fuck it, let's release Sexy No No No' in a way of giving_the_gays_everything_they_want.gif
  5. They all had moments of sounding awful on the Ten Tour besides Nadine I would say. At times it felt like five solo artists trying to outdo rather than compliment each other like previous tours.

    Cheryl and Kimberley literally did not have the range for some of the vocal acrobatics on display, Sarah's low confidence had a big impact and Nicola...honestly what a racket. Her ethereal voice was replaced with an aggressively awful vibrato where you could literally hear her anger at Brian for "forcing" her to sing a certain way for years. It's lovely that she's toned it down again in recent years.
  6. Totally this.

    But Nicola has always been my personal favourite Girls Aloud vocalist. This era was a little bit of a shame (Cinderella's Eyes too I guess). That's why I love her voice now, she still has the delicate tone yet without the "anger" wa wa's. Her voice is kinda a record company casualty. Her ability was never really given justice in the group (especially the early days). I don't actually blame her for her vocal choices during the Ten era.
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  7. I actually think Nadine sounded horrible on the Ten Tour. But then again, they all did.
  8. All these meh comments about the TEN tour when I still absolutely bop to it everyime I watch it, I can’t!
    There’re just so many epic moments and I can’t think of any major let down, you guys are hard top please.
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  9. Grindr <3
  10. Nadine's voice was noticeably deeper on the Ten tour. Sometimes I thought it sounded a little rough but can't really criticise when I have always sounded like a drowning cat when I sing.
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  11. Doesn't she smoke like a chimney? I
  12. I love Call The Shots the way it is but i wish we got a different version where they do the sweet "oooh" part in the intro and the chorus is sang by the whole group. Kinda like i love both versions of Untouchable or Freak Like Me by Sugababes.
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  13. I agree about Nicola. The recording of Untouchable from the Ten Tour sounds absolutely dreadful. She sounds horrible on her verses and then dominates every chorus. It’s meant to be a Nadine-heavy song and I can’t even hear her until it gets to the middle eight.

    That said I don’t think Nadine sounded great on that tour either. Her voice was much more pleasant in earlier years.
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  14. I thought Nicola sounded great in songs like Wake Me Up, but definitely agree with Untouchable. Especially the drawn out 'gone' before the first chorus.
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  15. I was listening to Wake Me Up the other day and it struck me that on paper Nicola and Sarah should of sung each other’s parts.
    Nicola doing the soft ‘let’s sift through the haze’ and Sarah belting ‘you always were a die in the wool.’
    I wonder what they would of sounded like doing those verses!

  16. This is the first time I've seen one of the members speak about Sarah on video which for some reason just brought it home for me and made it more real.
  17. Not quite the answer to this, but Cheryl does the "sift through the haze" bit in the Gravitas Club Mix (I knew someone else did and rushed to listen to see if maybe it was Nicola)
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  18. I feel they all had issues vocally, bar Sarah - at least on the recording. I don't think she has a bad note throughout the DVD, even though she did have some off moments on other shows. But yeah the overall result is weak with Nadine singing deeper than the studio versions, Kimberley struggling to find the right key every single time, Cheryl having the flu and Nicola's new vocal stylings.

    A lot of these issues were to be expected from their first outing together after 3 years but I do feel overall Nicola is the worst offender since Kimberley doesn't have the range and Cheryl had a cold. Her growls ruin both Untouchable and Call the Shots. As others have pointed out though it's good that she has since changed vocal techniques and styles.
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  19. Having gone to that DVD filming night at the Ten Tour, I can definitely confirm that vocally it was not their best. It always just kind of felt like they were trying to outsing each other a little bit - which was not something I felt when I had gone to previous tours. Cheryl had a cold so that didn't help things either.

    Nicola definitely did the absolute most during the choruses and Sarah was not consistent - I remember there was one big note that was definitely very flat and they added some crazy echo to it on the DVD haha

    However, despite the vocal issues - the ENERGY was insane - the crowd was so into it from start to finish and they all seemed to be taking it all in and grateful for the support.
  20. Which night did you go to? From what I've gathered they used vocals mostly from the second night.
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