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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I ran a huge one 6 years ago, here. Apologies for Photobucket and the forum revamp making it look like utter shit now.
  2. ADM


    I was just thinking about the GA back catalogue and the sin it is that we don't have any of it on vinyl, I really hope that someone is on the ball for 20 and we get some sort of release, even if it's just Ten!
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  3. SBK


    They should definitely do the studio albums on vinyl next year.

    If anyone at Polydor loves money, dropping one every couple of months would be a great idea.
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  4. Considering they always served with the physical releases - The Collection and Singles Case, Id like to think that a vinyl boxset is all but certain for next year.
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  5. I hope we do get a vinyl boxset - maybe with a rarities disc included if we're super lucky.
  6. I dream of their music on vinyl every day.
  7. ADM


    Like, look at how perfect this is (I know someone on here done this? Sorry I don't know who to credit)..

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  8. I made some mock-ups/print ready artwork last year (just in case I wanted to do custom pressings) and they got back to someone Brian knows
    (here is the artwork!)
  9. Love love love these. And the inclusion of the b-sides is an absolute must.

    I’d be inclined to say I prefer the other artwork for Sound of The Underground. Just cause that was the CD I owned. But that back cover with the mics is so inconiqué.
  10. Currently vibing this this B-side. I love Kim's lower register and the r&b-ish vibe of the song
  11. Tangled Up would definitely need to be the fan edition cover. I don't even collect vinyl, but I'd buy a Girls Aloud vinyl or two just to display.
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  12. This is brilliant! Just needs an ‘extras’ disc using the TEN artwork.
  13. I designed a custom Ten vinyl and it’s a prized possession, until they hopefully press an official.

  14. I love the way that the single version of Untouchable abruptly ends after the "beautiful robots" bit, and I think it's much more effective than the album version.

    ::Runs and hides::
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  15. In what year are Nadine and her windmachine finally gonna enter Eurovision?
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  16. I’d forgotten how much I loved the original Sound Of The Underground album cover. I do hope any potential vinyl uses that like the mock up above.
  17. Do we really want to risk her forgetting her passport the week of the contest?
  18. The dream!
    The BBC could consider it next year, she is a bit of a BBC darling after she got on I Can See Your Voice and Nadine would be up for it anyway. Nadine/Xenomania would shake up the show!
    Who’s starting the petition?
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  19. SBK


    Same, if they do vinyl I want the original covers, stick the reissue on the inner sleeve or in the bin.
  20. Question is, would they press Tangled Up with the (superior) single version of Can't Speak French?
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