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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. SBK


    I'd prefer the original versions, same with Sound of The Underground
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  2. Nice one. I would love these!
  3. Yep. I've always liked this one.

    And Kimberley has always been my least fav member/vocalist from the group (don't shoot me).

    Yet she sounds great on this. They should have always kept her to the lower sexy register. I don't know why she ever had high strained vocals at times.
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  4. The original Sound Of The Underground (Album) cover was great. Far superior than the reissue.
  5. I wouldn’t be mad for the fan edition of Tangled Up either as per the draft. But the purple cover is also stunning in its own right.

    Out Of Control can be blank if they don’t want to edit.
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  6. ADM


    The OOC cover on those vinyl mockups is somehow both superior and looks like it wasn't even changed.

    I'm actually not a huge fan of picture discs, I love when the vinyl is a considered color.
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  7. If we do get vinyl editions, I really hope they go for this cover for Out of Control.

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  8. SBK


    Yeah the collectors CD cover is much better, but I think for the sake of consistency I'd prefer the original release art and tracklists.
  9. I could imagine pepole at Xenomania and Poyldor could already quietly be prepping a vinyl release. I mean, what with the year long pressing plant waits and a year of lockdown, the 20th anniversary next year and with vinyl sales soaring,they would almost be silly not too. I don't know anything, but it's just a hunch. I'm sure that there's enough die hards to make it worth it.
  10. We can only hope!
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  11. I always loved the Tangled Up cover, weird as it is, and it's justified even more by the ghastliness of the OOC cover.

    The Chemistry cover is iconic and would be the nicest vinyl cover.
  12. I truly don’t understand the white borders on the OOC album. Even on the collector’s edition they’re useless.
  13. The Tangled Up both versions were great but I do prefer the non group one. It gives it more of an identity.

    The Christmastry cover is so camp and fun. That needs to be on a Vinyl or a Litho print.

    But the cover of the What Will The Neighbours Say is probably my favourite overall. It's so "different", stylish and fun.
  14. The general release Tangled up cover smacks of CD2 to slip in the case given away with CD1 of a 1992 single. Dreadful.
  15. I've recently come into possession of Nicola "The Show" chair which she used for various performances. I am fully expecting me to be a bottle of wine down tomorrow night and recreating the entire performance. Stay tuned.
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  16. Trying to not be sad and instead focus on how utterly adorable Sarah is in this.

    Always giving us positive vibes bless her.
  17. I agree with Tangled Up but not Sound of the Underground. They should include the uncensored “No Good Advice” instead of the album/radio version.

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  18. I actually wish that Out of control opened with 'Untouchable', the song ended with the slow bit after 'Beautiful robots' but then the album ends with the last section as a reprise.
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  19. I’m going through such a Girls Aloud phase at the moment.

    Love Is Pain, Girl Overboard, Control of the Knife, Close To Love, Miss You Bow Wow, Watch Me Go, Revolution in the Head, Waiting On The Metro and Memory Of You is the cluster I’ve got in constant rotation at the moment.
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