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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Wicked Game, What A Feeling and Bored Stupid all spring to mind. I imagine there probably is more along the way that we'd have no idea about - look at the amount of demos we've had with alternate lyrics etc - there's probably loads of ideas left behind.
  2. I'm pretty sure that around the time of the TEN reunion, Nadine said that they had recorded a full album's worth of new material? Am I making that up completely?
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  3. Stick some tour versions that we've been gagging for in there too.

    Also, they sang backing vocals on this (Franz Ferdinand were keen to work with Xenomania due to their impressive output with the girls, but it wasn't a fruitful partnership) and I've often wondered if there's a full Girls Aloud version in the vault.

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  4. Yes. Surely these are musts for any anniversary material next year.
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  5. SBK


    Yeah, they did it for The Saturdays so hopefully it's on the to do list. Fairly easy way of celebrating.
  6. I remember this being posted back in the day about their second single, I just found it using the Wayback machine -

    Also I'm sure they had studio versions of these -

  7. I love how all of these years later of being a fan I can come into this thread and still learn something new (no pun intended) about the girls.
  8. They could definitely give us a 12 tracker with alternate vocals a la Turn to Stone/The Promise. I love the alternate Long Hot Summer(s) and Wake Me Up so much. Plus the likes of Bored Stupid, What a Feeling, and The Girls are Back In Town. On My Way to Satisfaction and Teenage Dirtbag can make the cut if they were desperate.
  9. I thought some song registry revealed they originally recorded versions of these two songs:

  10. I don’t think we’ll get any of these rarities for the anniversary. I mean, TEN was the perfect moment to release some unheard songs on the bonus CD and they didn’t do that.
    So the chances are we end up with some streaming single bundles and hopefully some alternative versions of songs we already know, and the albums on vinyle.
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  11. I don’t think we’re getting anything.
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  12. ADM


    I can literally see it being “can’t believe it’s been 20 years! Search Girls Aloud on streaming platforms to listen to our music and celebrate”
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  13. We know Peter Loraine is still involved though and he does such a fabulous job with these anniversary events. See: Shakespears Sister collection box set from late last year.
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  14. I’d be satisfied with just “Singapore” being put on streaming. A hit!
  15. If Peter (Loraine) is involved he will make sure some good stuff comes about. Wasn't he the reason those bonkers promo items ('Wake Me Up' alarm clock, 'Long Hot Summer' fans, a literal "Chemistry" set) existed back in the day?
  16. Yeh he was head of marketing I’m sure. He arranged their private reunion last year too, Sarah mentioned him in her book.
  17. Mars Attack was almost their second single? It completely scares me how close they could have been to being the next Girl Thing. I like Mars Attack but for their second single? Thank goodness things turned out differently!
  18. SBK


    Yeah, he has been so integral to the history of Girls Aloud (right up to reuniting them last year) that I would be surprised if he wasn't planning something to celebrate the greatest girl band that was never meant to happen.
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  19. It does make sense though as 'Mars Attack' basically sounds like somebody heard 'Sound Of The Underground' and attempted to create something similar.
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  20. I am confident we will get something, as there is renewed interest in Girls Aloud, even on a nostalgic level. But there are so many limitations as to what they can do that isn't going to be costly, especially as a tour isn't exactly an option and that usually is a massive money maker.
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