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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. If You Wanna Roll - why did I think this was just renamed to On A Round?
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  2. Cheryl was high-key hilarious here.

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  3. This is what we could've had instead of 'No Good Advice'...

  4. Bop.
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  5. Awful, thank goodness “No Good Advice” came through.
  6. If You Wanna Roll was (would have been) great for Hear'Say. Girls Aloud, not so much. Thanks Xenomania for No Good Advice.
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  7. It sounds very dated now (whereas No Good Advice is still incredible) but it could have been a cute album track alongside the other non-Xenomania songs on the debut. I’d be curious to hear their version, I imagine it being quite Sarah/Cheryl heavy.
  8. Me too although I could hear Nicola on it too.
  9. If You Wanna Roll snaps to be fair. It's beneath what the Girls were releasing as singles but not beneath what would make the first album.
  10. Anytime I've listened to a Hear'Say song in the past several years I'm floored by how horrible they sound. Their voices don't work at all together and don't even suit pop music half the time.
  11. I’m so glad we ended up getting No Good Advice. I always forget it has the word shit in. For a second single, that was quite daring wasn’t it? I imagine their target audience at the beginning was kids. I love that they done it.

    Come to think of it, what other songs of theirs have swear words in?

    Edit: Screaming at them blurring it out on the DVD.

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  12. Any excuse to post one of my favorite album tracks of theirs

    I remember hearing Nadine say 'shit' and being lowkey scandalized as a kid.
  13. I know all evidence claims Nicola says ‘Now I realize that you've been shared, I think you're off your head’ on Wake Me Up, but you will never convince me she isn’t saying shit.

    Also No Good Advice having always been censored on almost every single release has offended me since 2003.
  14. "Oh ain't it crazy, we got the best shit..."

  15. YES! I think the same regarding Wake Me Up. Another one (not Girls Aloud) is Rochelle’s ‘I’m in this ship myself’ on Higher.
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  17. “You gotta move that ass!” - Revolution In the Head
    Also all this time I thought in Control of the Knife the lyrics were ‘there’s a sweet asshole sweet talking me’. Literally just found out it’s ‘sweet hassle’. Mind blown.

  18. And they really love to use the word sh*t
  19. "And if you tell me what the..."

    *skips song*
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