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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Damn sounds like it should have been on 'Chemistry'.
  2. Damn is on my playlist version of Chemistry.
    The abrupt end to Racy Lacey going into the abrupt start to Damn works really well. I think, anyway.

    Wild Horses
    Watch Me Go
    Whole Lotta History
    Racy Lacey
    Nobody But You
    It's Magic
    Swinging London Town
  3. me, for a very long stretch of years. Easily the hardest song for me to like in their catalog
  4. LOL. The verses are a bit...naff but I find the chorus very enjoyable in a ~driving in a convertible through the countryside in a warm sunny day~ kind of way.
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  5. Damn is pretty decent. Not high tier Aloud but in a discography that has 'Fix me up', half of Sound of the underground and that wretched ballad, it's pretty good in comparison.
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  6. Damn is great.
  7. I've never been a lover of Damn. It's OK. It is the weakest link on Tangled Up. Replace it with Dog Without A Bone. Perfect.
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  8. Damn is definitely in the lower tier of the album for me, but I'm Falling is the track that I just can't abide. Utter noise. And not in their usual brilliant sort of way.
  9. Damn should have been in Dog Without A Bone's place instead.
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  10. I'm sure whoever decided Damn should go on Tangled Up is the same person who decided Sexy! No No No should be track 3 instead of being the opening track.
  11. Y'all want to hate on Damn but for any other girlband, it'd be lead single material.
  12. Damn is perfect, and is a wonderful inclusion on Tangled Up.
  13. Damn is my favourite
  14. The way I cackled boy, this is exactly how I was when I first downloaded the slbum.when it came out, its grown on me recently tho
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  15. I love Damn. It’s actually one of my favorites. I love See The Day too. I’ve never really cared for swinging London Town.
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  17. I love Swinging London Town but Nicola and Kimberlys voices sound buried.
  18. Swinging London Town is perfect, and is a wonderful inclusion on Chemistry.
  19. 'Swinging London Town' is literally top 10 Girls Aloud. Brilliant.
  20. I hated Swinging London Town for so long but I did a whole discography listen relatively recently and it’s such an outlier even for them. What other girlband would be brave enough to include something like that on one of their albums?
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