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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Swinging London Town is genius.
    And very Girls Aloud. I am all for it!
  2. I love See The Day - I never knew the original and it didn't seem to get overplayed in the way I'll Stand By You was. It just reminds me of December, when the lights are up and even though you get home in the dark it feels worth it (unlike November). It gets an awful lot of hate for being a ballad cover single and ruining what could've been an amazing run of uptempo original singles from Chemistry, but considered on it's own I think it's brilliant.

    Damn and Swinging London Town are both top tier album tracks too.
  3. Whilst it's a good song.
    See The Day wasn't really "Girls Aloud". It was clearly a token ballad for Christmas.
    And as the music video shared it's curtains with Biology. It seems like it was a double A side without being one. And they were released quite close to one and other too.
    It was a try cash in for Christmas.
    They should have not released it, left it as a bside somewhere, and waited until the late Jan to release thier next single, Whole Lotta History. Then released Models as a final single after that.
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  4. I think that's intentional. "Neck deep in it and starting to drown" etc.

    What a song.
  5. I could've accepted ''See the Day'' if the vocals were shared like in the live version.
  6. I love See The Day. Do I think it should have been a single? No. Do I get why the record company thought they’d throw out a ballad for Christmas? Completely.
  7. See the day would have worked great had say Chemistry been released earlier in the year and repackaged with the bonus Christmas CD and had See the day as a track off that, maybe with Whole lotta history as a double A side. Or even if it was a double A and See the day relegated to the Christmas CD.
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah it wasn't the perfect single but the whole reason it exists is probably for being a single.
    If it had only been an album track it would have felt even more unnecessary? (I do like its wintery feels though)
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  9. I’m doing a watch of all their tours today and each one gets better than the last!

    Miss them.
  10. Tours rank:

    1. Tangled Up
    2. Greatest Hits
    3. Chemistry
    4. Out of Control
    5. Ten
    6. What Will the Neighbours Say?
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  11. “See The Day” > “I’ll Stand By You”

    The live at Wembley version is the best version personally. They should’ve had that arrangement for the single version.
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  12. So, I'm kinda new to their discography, could you tell me wich songs have different version/edits/radio mix in the singles? I mean, wich songs are different on the albums and singles, AND is it there any sound quality difference between the TEN compilation and the albums? Thanks so much in advanced.
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  13. They didn't really do many 'single' mixes really but there are some alternate things out there.

    No Good Advice has an uncensored version (CD2 of The Sound Of) but also a 'ultra clean' version with slightly alternate lyrics in the bridges - "I drop my worries on the world below, here I am, dirty hands cos it's all a sham - shut your mouth, you're getting in my flow' - 'I don't need no special fix, it won't satisfy me'. I believe this is unreleased entirely. I also have a version where it's just Sarah and maybe Nicola doing the spoken outro.

    Some Kind of Miracle was remixed for the re-issue of the debut album. It's speculated that this was it's single mix from when it was scheduled to be released.

    The Ten mix of Wake Me Up is actually the promo only performance edit with alternate intro and outro and is my preferred version! Wake Me Up also has an alternate lyric version (CD2 of The Sound Of).

    Long Hot Summer has two alternate demos (Rarities disc from the boxset).

    Whole Lotta History's video mix aka the Ash Howes Mix is *slightly* different but by a tiny margin.

    I Think We're Alone Now's album version featured on the first pressing of The Sound Of Girls Aloud but then the single mix replaced it on future pressings. The album version was produced very quickly as it was a last minute replacement for What A Feeling on the album, so the brief was to make it sound like Something Kinda Ooooh. The single/video mix is completely different with alternate vocals.

    Sexy! No No No... has an alternate radio edit where the only differences are 'were you dancing?'/'did you get his number?' where it's Cheryl and Nadine both singing together rather than individually.

    Can't Speak French has a single mix by Jeremy Wheatley, shortened with slightly beefier production.

    The Promise has a radio edit with a longer intro and a cold ending compared to the album fade out but no production differences.

    The Loving Kind has a single mix with alternate production and has a slightly longer intro.

    Untouchable's single mix is shortened and has added vocal production which, in my opinion, ruins the song.
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  14. The Video version is slightly different to the Ash Howes mix as it has “all” of the members’ vocals audible on the final chorus.
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  15. I was wondering that myself when I was writing it!
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  16. 'Life Got Cold' also has a radio edit, which is slightly shorter but I'm not sure if there are any other differences.
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  17. Yes! I forgot about this because I hated the radio edit!
  18. Any differences with the radio edit of Life Got Cold?
  19. Only the intro and outro being shortened, no other differences that I can think of.
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  20. Life Got Cold always felt like such an oddball to me. I was introduced to Girls Aloud around The Sound of era and grew up loving thier manic colourful bops. So when I saw this weird, hazy, dreamy, strange video with a depressing song on a Girls Aloud countdown I was so confused. It felt like such a contrast to anything else they had done. I remember liking it but finding it slightly eerie. Funnily enough, as I gold older and became an angsty teen it became one of my favourite Girls Aloud songs and vidoes. I still listen to it sometimes now, but it feels like such a weird song for them. They do all sound beautiful on it though.
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