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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I don’t think Girls Aloud doing a remasters of Sound Of The Underground would have the same appeal as Sugababes doing it. Sound Of The Underground the album is quite patchy. If it was everything else then YES
  2. SBK


    Yeah, it'd need to be a part of all of their albums being reissued, they didn't really get into their stride until Neighbours.
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  3. A remixed and remastered greatest hits could work - as much as Tangled Up and Chemistry are amazing albums, they don’t seem to have retained the cultural cachet with critics that One Touch has, their legacy is still their singles run (for me)
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  4. It struck me as a bit sad that Girls Aloud are the only band mentioned that don’t have any active group account on social media. Spice Girls, All Saints and Sugababes were all able to give a response.

    When they split it seemed like everything was shut down to close a chapter but at some point it would be nice for them to have an online presence. Maybe next year.
  5. Any re-releases that do not include Tangled Up shall be cursed. Gimme 5,000 versions of that album and I would buy them all.
  6. I never understood why they shut down all the social media accounts.
  7. ADM


    I didn't really mean a like-for-like project with the Sugababes (re-doing SOTU and making an event of it), but more so that they can really use what they already have and repurpose it (I know it's been mentioned how Brian Higgins said it's really difficult and all the material would have to be remastered).
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  8. Their impact!
  9. SBK


    Weird isn't it? Like there was no need to do that.

    Even at the time if there was never any intention of being "Girls Aloud" again, there was no harm in leaving it dormant.
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  10. I suspect the 'bad blood,' left them feeling 'oh get rid!!!' as I guess they'd have to be consulted quite a lot over twitter posts.
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  12. I'd love to hear the tracks that got booted last minute from SOTU, though I suspect a lot of them were probably repurposed for other artists' albums, so I don't know if that would affect the chances of GA's versions showing up somewhere officially.
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  13. SBK


    Yeah, I imagine if you listen to a Polydor pop record in 2003 you'll hear them.
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  14. We’re aware of Shame and Sorry. I think Where Did The Love Go was later and defo Xenomania.
    Women In Me and Words are more recent ones to of been mentioned.
  15. Oh I didn’t know this. So are these songs in the vault?
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  16. Because they’re not active anymore? All the other acts mentioned are active in some capacity. Example: Spice Girls may not be releasing albums anymore but they’re planning to (or at least claiming to) tour more in the future and have other projects under the brand lined up.

    Girls Aloud are defunct currently.

    Reissuing each album with the era’s b-sides, rarities (like they’re contributions to Greasemania, and Discomania), and a few unreleased tracks would definitely get traction.
  17. Michael Jackson has active social media and he's a hell of a lot more defunct than Girls Aloud are.
  18. I think it was unnecessary to delete it (that happened in January 2014), it could have remained dormant. Splitting up and being inactive didn't have to mean wiping away part of their online presence, and it could have been revived down the line if need be (even just as a nostalgia account).
  19. Listen, I love Girls Aloud but that comparison is a bit apples and oranges. Michael Jackson is a global pop icon who has had a massive influence on pop culture history and even on artists of today. Plus, his estate/label clearly want to continue to engage with the fanbase/stay relevant on social media. Which is really what it boils down to anyways, whether someone is putting up the money to keep their social media accounts alive.
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  20. SBK


    I do think it was probably just the record label/marketing people clearing out things they weren't working on anymore.

    Seems odd to completely delete their Twitter but keep Facebook and the website (later redirected to Facebook)
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