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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Me and my friends at uni were outraged when Can't Speak French was chosen as a single but the video, live performances and the Tony Lamezma remix really turned it round for me.
  2. I say this title all the time to people, to try and sound like I CAN speak French.
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  3. TMI


    As a french guy, I could barely understand what they were singing. I searched for the lyrics back then. But that made the whole thing cute!
  4. Girl Overboard followed by Cant Speak French would have been a great singles run and a great sonic headway into The Promise.
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  5. I feel like I'm one of the only few that prefer Close to Love to Girl Overboard.
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  6. I adore Can't Speak French. Definitely a 10 for me in a Girls Aloud rate... possibly my 11.

    Pop perfection.
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  7. The non-stop singing from the verse until the chorus is a glorious build-up. I actually enjoy singing along to the song more than any other single from them.
  8. 2008 is the most satisfying Girls Aloud calendar year.
  9. Can't Speak French was absolutely a must as a single and it is one of the best singles of their career.

    Close to Love is better than Girl Overboard.

    But Close to Love, Girl Overboard, Black Jacks, and with the right promo even Control of the Knife could all have been decent singles. Tangled Up is a very good album.
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  10. Fixed it for ya.
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  11. facts.
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  12. I agree sis!
  13. I’m that fan that can sing this word for word and freak out my friends, despite failing French miserably at high school. Ironic but yet so apt.

    also: a bop.
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  14. Queens of Google Translate
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  15. I wait so long, it's powerful, this time here it is
    Who can question my beating heart
    I hear the beat of my heart, yes I like this boy
    He has everything going for him, I love his little French accent
    It shows how well we are matched
    Like we could dance the night away
    It's just that he wants to talk and I admit it
    I don't understand, but then nothing at all
    Our languages separate us, we will come back
    I should have chosen a movie with the V.O option
    But before the credits roll, I need my line
    I do not speak French
    So let the funky music make our bodies talk, alright, oh
    I do not speak French
    So let the funky music make us dance, oh, oh, oh
  16. Just lying in bed thinking: someone better be finalising vinyl release plans for next year, so they can get to the back of the queue for pressing and hopefully we’ll have them by the end of 2022.
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  17. I would have chosen Girl Overboard and Close to Love as singles over it, but I'm so glad they released Can't Speak French because it really turned it into a classic for me. The single mix is amazing, the Passions Mix is incredible and the public really took to it.
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  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    What is the Passions mix?
  19. I believe it is the Tony Lamezma mix but I think it came tagged as such on the CD single:
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  20. The ideal singles run from Tangled Up would be
    1. Sexy No No No
    2. Call The Shots
    3. Girl Overboard
    4. Cant Speak French
    5. Close To Love
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