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Girls Aloud - Primrose Ball (Oct 8) + Primark Pyjama Collection

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Something for Stand Up to Cancer is a really nice idea. Listening to them speak though, it sounds like it’s still very hard to be “Girls Aloud” without Sarah. I’ll be led by them but I do think it would be a few years even before they felt ready, if they did decide to do anything.
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  2. I do get what people mean when they say Sarah would be the first person willing them on to make music, perform. But that doesn’t make it any easier for the girls, especially for the time being.

    In a way, these events they’re doing may help them come to terms a little bit more with what has happened and process everything better.
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  3. Oh my god. Amazing.
    I love these girls so much!
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  4. Catching up with this thread, I'm sad I didn't make it to the event on Sunday. It's bittersweet seeing three of the girls together again, but looks like it was a fantastic day. I love Cheryl's story about Hear Me Out playing in her car. Sarah's spirit is still with them.

    I dreamt about seeing them all the other night, in the dream I was aware Sarah had passed away, but there she was.
  5. Absolute chills! I would’ve reacted the same as Cheryl honestly, had a good long laugh and a good long cry.

  6. Our Sarah giving us Ghosthunting with Girls Aloud Part 2.
  7. Cheryl in these interviews really reminds me of how she was in the early days of Girls Aloud. Funny, quick-witted. I feel like I haven’t seen that version of Cheryl in over a decade.
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  8. The power of Feel vitamins!
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  9. This made me scream.
  10. I feel like that Cheryl has always been there. Just, when she's on camera she's more professional. We're all like that though to a degree. That Instagram live Nicola done you could hear Cheryl complaining about her ankles. Took me right back to Off the Record in the best way possible!
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  11. It would be a nice gesture if they released an updated version of TEN but called TWENTY (obviously) but included some rarities and unreleased material, but also 'Hear Me Out'. All the money could go to breast cancer research.
  12. Yes I also totally got transported back to Off The Record hearing her complain about her ankles and blisters. I also love how the other girls don't really respond to her moaning, Nicola zoning out and carrying on with her insta live was iconic.
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  13. That's the way a friend group works though. If you've known each other for twenty years or so, you know what traits they have and if complaining while running or walking is one of them, you just let them do it without really getting into that yourself.

    I love what they did and the interviews with the girls got me teary eyed all over again.
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  14. Also, "complaining" for walking 5 kms... Cheryl, girl.
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  15. Nicola is utterly, utterly ageless.
  16. Those of us born in October 1985 were given the secret to eternal youth.
  17. Keep it up for another year as the cracks are starting to show on this 1984 baby ddd
  18. Nicola has never looked better.
  19. I mean she looks absolutely gorgeous of course, but when did we start throwing the word 'ageless' around for people in their 30s?
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