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Girls Aloud: Rest In Peace, Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Nicola does sound amazing singing that chorus live.
  2. I loved the Models - the Show section. That catwalk was a moment.
  3. The best parts of the Ten show are basically them finessing and improving on previous concepts, which I can understand why it disappointed some but the following are really master classes in crafting an excellent pop performance.

    This medley perfectly capturing the sheer unrestrained energy of both songs:

    The futuristic theme and the minimal but sharp choreo working perfectly on Untouchable:

    And of course I'll always have a soft spot for Ten purely because it finally gave us a great tour performance of Ooh.
  4. I don’t, but it’s very interesting that way back when if I dared mention it in any light, I’d be accused of “constantly” bringing it up and now there’s been like two pages of thread wasted on it when perhaps people could take your advice and just ignore the song? After all, you don’t control the narrative of Girls Aloud’s career. Please don’t try and patronise me, you don’t know me like that.
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  5. So were there ever any remixes of Beautiful Cause You Love Me? Maybe it just needed the bop treatment and problem solved.
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  6. I always hoped there would be, I loves me a remix.
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  7. It's a forum. We discuss music. The group have split up. If people want to regurgitate the same opinions and discussions then let them. You don't need to part of the discussion if it irks you. And you don't get to just decide that others can't talk about it because you don't want to.
  8. It still amazes me how they went with Sexy! No No No as the first single off Tangled Up.
    That was such a bold and brave move, I will forever love them for this. I mean, the song is the kind of ultimate pop bop that flops in the charts, it’s no radio friendly, but they still went with it. Of course Call The Shots was the one single to sell the album, but still, wow!
  9. Yeah I'm really surprised, especially that the label went for it when there were other more conventional first single choices with Call the Shots and Girl Overboard.
  10. Maybe if it were a good dub mix that eliminated most of the lyrics.
  11. With nothing but Nadine uttering "my baby, my baby, my baby"? Bop secured!
  12. I think the consensus was that they sold 'The sound of...' on the basis of bonkers pop, but having had two pretty shit covers as the previous singles meant they needed to win back the audience who loved that unorthodox GA sound. Once the equilibrium was restored, it was Call the shots for an open goal.
  13. Call The Shots is genuinely probably the best pop song of the 21st century.
  14. Sexy! No No No is their one banger that doesn't do it for me. I know the Xenomania thing was to throw together different bits they'd been working on to form one whole song, but I would love a fleshed out song based on what the intro sounds like.
  15. Somone could make studio versions with the What Will The Neighbours Say? Tour vocals that were floating around years ago
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  16. I love the Ten Tour and it’s set list. It’s probably one of my most watched tours ever on YouTube. It is the Cheryl and Nadine show for me though. Those two really carry proceedings.

    My one critique is the way Nicola over sings everything. She absolutely bellows every single note like a bloody foghorn, and elongates every note way longer than is needed. She physically growls at one point during ‘Untouchable’, a song which shouldn’t have a growl anywhere near it. Frustratingly, we know she can sing beautifully when she restrains herself a bit - see The Masked Singer.
  17. I'll always have a soft spot for The Ten Tour as I traveled from Canada to London to see Girls Aloud. So worth it!

    The setlist is pretty much flawless. My only gripe with the show is the fourth act with the pairing of Call Me Maybe and Beautiful Because You Love Me. I actually like Beautiful, but I thought those two spaces could have been used for other songs. The fourth act begins with such a bang with Something Kinda Ooh that the momentum fizzled out for me with Call Me Maybe/Beautiful.
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  18. I like to pretend the cover of Call Me Maybe doesn't exist.
  19. I wish they had covered Katy Perry's Last Friday Night or Firework instead it would've flowed better into Beautiful in my opinion.
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  20. I must say, I did get a slight lump in my throat during the 'Untouchable' performance when they are stood in a circle facing one another and raise out their hands to touch. With everything going on right now with Sarah and the girls seemingly coming back together to mend bridges it sort of hit quite hard that they may not be able to perform together again.
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