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Girls Aloud: Rest In Peace, Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. "I dont wanna sing, I just wanna dance" is Cheryl's solo career in a nutshell ddd
  2. It’s nuts to think that they were close to being dropped. At the time, never crossed my mind but watching Off The Record now, I feel like you can sense that a potential end of the group was in sight.
  3. Can’t Speak French is fantastic.
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  4. I don't know how but my obsession with Girls Aloud started with the Chemistry Tour DVD. Although I was a bit confused at the time because the DVD was advertised as "The Greatest Hits Live" and then I learned that this was not the actual Greatest Hits tour.

    However, I fell in love with this tour. I still get chill with the "Love Machin/One Thing" performance. The transition to "One Thing" and the girls serving looks and moves for days is just divine. That "Waiting" performance is another winner.
  5. Yeah back then labels panicked / got bored easily, remember how quickly they wrapped up whole careers of acts like Atomic Kitten, S Club, Blue etc - acts who were on decline yes but not unsalvagable, and with global presence! - the second they could. So basically local acts like Girls Aloud were even more in danger.

  6. Obviously, I love Chemistry now, but at the time, it was a non-event to me. (11 year old me can only apologise). After buying every single up until The Show, Biology’s brilliance escaped me (maybe I thought it was too out there) and Whole Lotta History was boring to me. See The Day obviously put the nail in the coffin.

    As I said this is all rectified in my head now. (Apart from See The Day. She can choke.)

    ‘Oooh’ and the Tiffany cover wouldn’t get skipped on the music channel, but I didn’t purchase them either.

    But it wasn’t then until Sexy! that I really stanned again. Once I heard that beautiful robotic Cheryl intro, it’s like something awoke in me. I was a greebo at the time. I wasn’t supposed to like this music any more. (At least in public). But I made it my MySpace profile song, told all my mates about it. There was just something so anti-mainstream about it, whilst also being a complete bop.
  7. I dusted off my 'Off The Record' DVD for the first time in over a decade after reading Sarah's book. I will forever roll my eyes at British popstars longing for home the moment they spend more than 2 days away and boy, did they complain about everything, but 'Whole Lotta History' remains top tier GA, so Sarah's taste literally jumped throughout the first 3 episodes where she wouldn't take anything other than a top 3.

    It must have been so weird for them watching it back together last year. Sarah mentions Cheryl's transformation in her book and I couldn't help to think about that too. She must have cringed througout the whole thing. Looking back now, Nadine remains the star of the show; there is just a certain glow and an element of - dare I say it - , superiority to her the others could never match. I also love that she thrives when she's travelling and experiencing new cultures while Cheryl, Kimberly and Nicola couldn't cope without a Sunday roast from their local pub. No wonder they eventually drifted apart.
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  8. Despite loving the girls I never watched any of their documentary TV shows. I feel like I should do though.
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  9. It was such an unexpected and delicious jolt! I don’t think anything came close to it, and even to this day there’s nothing quite like it on the charts.

    Dddd, mine would be any smack talk about “Sexy! No No No...”. I was close to REPORTING @Gasur for the offensive statement! J/k but speaking of...

    I don’t really go to that song either...
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  10. Off the Record is obligatory GA viewing. Captures the girls at their most real, sometimes unflattering but always thoroughly (and often unintentionally) entertaining nature.
  11. SBK


    The Chemistry Tour intro is amazing, so simple but so effective.

  12. I'd also say that Ghosthunting is up there too, if just for the hilarity of it all.
  13. I've been rewatching a lot of their tour performances recently and they did reach a point where they made it look effortless. Beth (the name of their choreographer for all of their tours I believe) deserves a lot of credit for really playing to their strengths - they were given choreography and set ups that catered to Cheryl at one end of the performance spectrum and Sarah at the other whilst still functioning as a polished and slick unit.
  14. ADM


    On the subject of tours I done a quick YouTube search and this came up first, and I remember the Dublin date when this started. Like it or not the intro was destined to be 'oooah ooah'-ed at. It was euphoric. I wish I could go to those shows now, at this age.

    Also, Nadine running to her position at 6:55 or so, those little things always tickle me. They never missed a beat.
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  15. I was obsessed with Untouchable when the album came out and for the next few years but I rarely revisit it now. If it came on shuffle I would enjoy it but I never seek it out.
  16. Untouchable is top three Girls Aloud. Heathens!
  17. It's crazy it was 12 years ago I saw them at Wembley Arena! The annoying little shit in front of me blocking my view with a foam finger will be an adult! eek
  18. Untouchable is not only a song I seek out, I don't think I could live without it. Definitely a Desert Island Song.

    It would probably be my highest-ranking song on a Girls Aloud rate* along with Something Kinda Ooh and The Loving Kind and Call the Shots.

    *I can't even imagine experiencing a Girls Aloud rate on here. It would be insanely amazing.
  19. That’s how I feel about The Show. The Loving Kind is the first single release that I was actively following and I played it a lot during Christmas time and winter. Even now I still feel wintery when I listen to it.
  20. I ran a huge one 6 years ago, here. Apologies for Photobucket and the forum revamp making it look like utter shit now.
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