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Girls Aloud: Rest In Peace, Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Do we have any updates on her? I truly hope "no news is good news" in this case.
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  2. Was remaining quite hopeful after she said there was a bit of good news in her book about the cancer shrinking. Hope there is more good news to come.
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  3. Kimberley reiterated in an interview this week that their focusing on Sarah. Also (and I have no idea how or why I watched it), Danielle Lloyd said in a magazine interview the other day that the last person she WhatsApped was Sarah to see how she was doing.
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  4. Going onto Kimberley’s Instagram to see her latest post begin with ‘dear boobs…’
  5. She’s messaged my old salon today asking if she can go in and have her wig washed and styled bless her! If she ends up going in I may be able to get an update
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  6. Spent the day reading through Sarah’s book again. Such a good read and highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t bought it yet. When I’m done, I can post it to someone if anyone likes? (Free of charge of course!)

    The above post has given me some comfort. Sarah said in the book that she said no to radiotherapy as she didn’t want to lose her hair, so maybe she’s decided on it? I just hope she’s having a brilliant time in the sun.

    And, with restrictions hopefully lifting in the coming weeks, she can host this party and charity do she spoke of.
  7. I find myself thinking about Sarah and her conditions more often than I thought I would. Girls Aloud has always been a source of joy for me with their catalog filled with bonkers.
  8. What is your favourite performance of Call The Shots? And favourite performances in general?
  9. This messiness is underrated -

  10. Great vocals from them all here (well except poor Kimbo). Loving the adlibs from Nadine.
  11. That Paul O'Grady performance of Call The Shots is probably my favourite - I love the Cadbury Milk Tray aesthetic and Nicola randomly being in blue. I LOVED their whole thing of dressing most of them in a similar way and throwing one or two of them a complete anomaly.

    Call The Shots at The Girls Aloud Party is another highlight, the night that was broadcast they were on top of the world.

    Out of Control tour with the dancers throwing gold - lovely.

    I'm going to shut up now before I talk about every performance!
  12. I know it’s quite a random one. One of my favourite performances of theirs was Love is the Key on the Out of Control tour. Especially the last show in Newcastle

    Compare the two videos from the first tour date to the last (especially Cheryl and Nicola’s verses). I don’t know why it just makes me happy!

  13. I always love the mimed performances where they didn't even bother to have microphones.

  14. Just going to leave their best performance ever right here. Seeing this live was such a RUSH and it alone would have been fully worth the cross-Atlantic trip (although obviously the entire show was life-changingly incredible)!
  15. The Loving Kind remains the highlight of their career for me. To have one of the biggest girlbands at their peak in a song written with the Pet Shop Boys is no small feat, plus the fact that the choruses are PLASTERED with Sarah’s vocals.

  16. I really like their performances at V Festival - They look so confident and gorgeous (I really like how they're styled here). Vocals are not the best but you can tell they're definitely singing live. And of course, you've got Nadine's famous wasp attack.
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  17. This. All day long.

  18. SBK


    I think about her all the time. My Girls Aloud playlist is my go-to for my afternoon, skiving off work walks... And almost every single time there'll be a song, or point in a song where I'll remember and have to try not to cry.

    Hopefully that no news is good news, or at least not bad news.
  19. This happens to me a lot lately when I get to the outro of Whole Lotta History.

    or Nicola and Nadine’s beautiful bridge in Call the Shots.

    I dont know. I just want to take it all in and enjoy it when all of my favs are still alive and well.
  20. Sarah's delivery of "Here I am, walking Primose" in The Promise makes me bawl every time. Her confidence absolutely shines throughout that song.
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