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Girls Aloud: Rest In Peace, Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. That dance breakdown is everything! Also found it hilarious that Beth just gave up on Sarah & Nadine and had them naff about for most of it..

    Wish there was one just focused on Cheryl during the initial breakdown.
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  2. I can’t believe after all these years I’ve only just noticed Sarah and Nadine don’t do the Trick Me choreography! Think I’ve always been hypnotised by Cheryl when watching it usually!
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  3. They're SORTA doing it in places? It's an odd moment for them to opt out of given that the choreography at that point seems less complicated than some of the dancing they did earlier. Whereas not having them do the dance breakdown makes way more sense.
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  4. Love is the key is such a traditional GA song, its so quirky and fun. I regret it wasnt a final single from OOC

    One of my favourites is also this
  5. This is the definitive Call the Shots performance for me by far. The staging, the colour palette, the girls being on point. Just magic. I really wish they'd brought it out during the Ten promo tour, like they did with The Promise and Love Machine.
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  6. Just coming back to say I really love it when they go into the direction of songs like She. That one, Crocodile Tears, What You Crying For, Girl Overboard, and Love is Pain all have that sad-ish vibe to it.
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  7. After getting Sarah's book I have dipped back into Girls Aloud's music after years of not bothering with them. Listening to the two Greatest Hits albums and it reminded me of how much impact they had on me when I was younger.
    I can remember listening to their debut (on a CD player) while going on my first proper holiday. I had What Will The Neighbours Say? on when I first read Lord of the Rings. They were my first every concert. So many memories attached to their music.
  8. Happy birthday Nadine!

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  9. Some popstars would kill to have a lead single as good and as polished and as timeless as Close To Love or Girl Overboard.

    Girls Aloud didn’t even feel the need to release them as singles. That’s the level they were at.
  10. Both are top tier killers.

    Yet with our girls, the killer list is endless.
  11. Sucks for those songs that they belong to the same mothering album with the likes of “Call the Shots” and “Sexy! No No No”.

    “Can’t Speak French” screams 3rd single though, so I can’t write it off.
  12. I wish they did release them both as singles to be honest. Sexy... no no no and Can’t Speak French never really did it for me. I’m sure that’s an unpopular opinion here.
  13. I've never actually been a massive fan of Can't Speak French.
    I really wanted Close To Love/Girl Overboard to be the 3rd/4th singles of Tangled Up.
  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I Can't Speak French never was a standout to me on the album but the edit/video/performances made me like it more. I kinda like when a single does that.
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  15. The general public are Can’t Speak French up.

    The hardcore fans wanted Close To Love or Girl Overboard but I understand why they went for Can’t Speak French. And I’ve definitely grown to adore it over the years.
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  16. Can’t Speak French is top tier GA for me!
  17. I rinsed Can't Speak French in early 2008.
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  18. Bilingual bop.
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  19. I remember going to HMV with my parents and they didn’t have the Can’t Speak French single in stock so they gave me Tangled Up instead. A win.
  20. Me and my friends at uni were outraged when Can't Speak French was chosen as a single but the video, live performances and the Tony Lamezma remix really turned it round for me.
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