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Girls Aloud: Rest In Peace, Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I had It's Magic on repeat during my walk earlier. Its such a lovley song. Those synths in the chrous are just delicious.
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  2. The one-two punch of "Swinging London Town" and "It's Magic" is such a thrill.
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  3. Such a legend! I will forever be grateful for the girls aloud goodies she sent me!
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  4. I see The S*n are now reporting about the girls being in talks about holding a tribute concert for Sarah. Of course the papers use ‘sources’ and what not, but I could definitely see it happening at some point.

    It got me thinking though; there are just some lines of Sarah’s that I could not see the girls touching. Walking promise in particular. What better way than to grab a live vocal of Sarah doing her part instead?
  5. Nahhh come on yall gotta be fair, some song reconstructions and line swapping is bound to happen now its unavoidable and its selfish to expect that from them (just like expecting them to never release music again together but that convo has passed but all I can add to that is uhh TLC anyone?) But anyways I do believe for sure when it comes certain Sarah lines like "Walking Primrose" they'll let audience sing along loud and proud in Sarah fashion that would be a great way to keep her spirit alive and feel good ya know but perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself
  6. It would be lovely if they did a concert with all proceeds going to The Christie Trust. I think it’s way too soon for them to be doing anything though. It will be incredibly difficult for them to perform as a four piece for the first time and so I hope they don’t feel pressured into doing anything.
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  7. That first audience "Here I am, walking Primrose" a la Robyn letting the audience sing Dancing on My Own's chrous acapella .... chills already x
  8. After a week of binging the Girls Aloud catalog on Spotify like everyone else, it sure feels like a rush! I remember never really liking any of their b-sides with the exception of what ended up on the Ten deluxe edition. I revisited the others for the first time this week in years... maybe in ten years? And I don't know what was wrong with me back then, but I feel like I just discovered a full albums' worth of material in the last few days. Small silver lining re: Sarah.

    Also, given their status and legacy, looking at their discography on Wikipedia is always a little jarring. The certifications for their singles run looks so similar to The Saturdays (this is not a dig, I love The Saturdays), but in my mind I assume it would look more like Little Mix given their impact. It's crazy to think how significant the landscape has changed in the last decade with the shift from sales to steaming focused on the charts and certifications--and even cultural impact with the embrace of social media (as someone asked above about why Girls Aloud didn't have an Instagram account even during Ten).

    On an aside, this made me think The Saturdays probably also had a larger impact than they are given credit for since they were clawing onto the sales world as the streaming world emerged around the time of Little Mix.
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  9. I’m not discrediting Little Mix’s success at all as they’re bloody amazing, but I agree. Streaming is how they’ve got so many singles selling 800k, 1 million+.

    When Girls Aloud released singles, people had to make a conscious decision to actually go out and purchase the single. Also, if you were to stream a song so many times by one person, it would count as a number of sales I think over time?
  10. RJF


    I... don't think so.
  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Let's not make this a comparison thread, please! Focus on Sarah and the band.
  12. This is my fault. And agreed, I didn't mean to start a conversation around comparing bands themselves--just how crazy metrics to measure popularity have evolved. Girls Aloud had a huge impact that just might not seem like it on paper in today's terms--but clearly even beyond the PopJustice community, Sarah's passing is affecting many. At least we can say we've found some joy in revisiting so many memories and re-listening to their music in this past week.
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  13. I wonder if they ever recorded a full version of Intro from Chemistry.

    It's all about the hell of it it's all about the game, don't ask me to say my name, don't ask me to share my fame it's all about the flashlights, it's all about the flames.

    I think I've strutted around listening to this pretending I'm on a catwalk at least weekly since 2005.
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  14. I always assumed the intro was a part of a song that didn’t make it or was cut out and it was strong enough to stand on its own.
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  15. When it comes time for Girls Aloud to reform and perform (and I'm sure it'll happen at some point), I don't mind line swaps but...please don't touch "walking Primrose". I can't imagine anyone doing it justice. It's so intrinsically Sarah, isn't it? Project Sarah onto a screen, the biggest screen in the world, let everyone see - and hear - her in the venue. The Pet Shop Boys have done something similar for years with Dusty when they perform What Have I Done To Deserve This. I think it works better than bringing on a guest singer. I don't know what they'll do or how they'll go about it.
  16. Hey, let's watch the Nintendo ads again

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  17. I've never researched the lyrics but I always thought it was "It's all about the halibut...". Blame my obsession with facebook games (Restaurant City) and also assuming it's that because of all the kooky lyrics they had at the time.
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  18. I always thought it was "It's all about the haircut"
  19. “This is where it gets intense, people.” A classic.
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  20. Ddd I thought the same.
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