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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. beautiful cos you love me is a decent enough album track but not single worthy and definitely not lead single worthy
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  2. Part of me died the first time I played Beautiful.
  3. Did it feel like you had jet black mascara racing down your cheeks till you could taste it over the full horror of what you could hear?
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  4. More like Carrie being covered in Pig's blood...
  5. Well I hope when these demons hit, you dial 9-9-9 and say you need a doctor to help purge you of this atrocity...
  6. Yes they did! I’m sure the singles boxset had the games included on disks. I used to like playing the game for The Show.
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  7. Something New is among their best though.... a perfect “comeback single”.
  8. Beautiful is nice enough. On a Saturdays or later Sugababes album it would have been a lovely ballad to release as a single. We just know that Girls Aloud were always about the production and edgy structure and this was just very standard songwriting with little flair.

    I agree, had it been the lead, it would have felt reminicent to when Spice Girls released Headlines.
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  9. Regardless of personal opinion on the song itself, Beautiful would've been an awful single to come back on. It's the antithesis of everything Girls Aloud was.
  10. They look incredible in the video though
  11. Of the four new tracks on Ten I rate them in this order:

    1. Every Now And Then
    2. On The Metro
    3. Something New

    4. Beautiful Cause You Love Me

    So yeah, they picked the wrong two as singles for me. Something New was okay, but as I wrote in my end of year 'Choonz' compilation at the time (where ENAT featured) ...

    Harsh, but fair and I still stand by it. It's grown on me over the years but it was a letdown at the time.
  12. Something New is everything I'd ever want from a reunion single. For me they definitely chose right.

    Just a shame Beautiful Cause You Bored Me had to follow it up.
  13. I liked it, it brought them full circle IMHO considering their debut was not all Xenomania. “On The Metro” sounded like very Girls Aloud/Xenomania anyways.

    It would’ve been better expanded into 5 Xeno new tracks and 5 other producer new tracks for an album of TEN new tracks + bonus disc of greatest hits.

    It’s also the perfect final single. Sure that other song got a video but the band consistently released physical singles, which the second song did not get. Not even a digital single release.
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  14. SBK


    But the others have said they were campaigning for On The Metro.


    Nadine totes playing up to the narrative she's read whilst browsing comeback corner...
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  16. SBK


    What the fuck has happened to Girls Aloud's Spotify?

    Loads of singles have been removed.

    They're gone from itunes too...
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  17. A lot of their earlier stuff has disappeared from iTunes also.

    I’m wondering if it’s a Xenomania rights issue? Could link into Hair Down and What Are You awaiting For also disappearing?
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  18. SBK


    Can you please download your Something Kinda Ooooh mix into my brain.
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  19. It's called the not associating yourself with a flop game! Not even Chimola want to be associated with it now!

    Truthfully, Nicola/Cheryl/Kimberley in particular couldn't sing the praises of Beautiful any more then they did! Nadine did say quiet in every interview i watched to be fair but she seemed to be having a ball singing it on TOTP! and Sarah just seemed out of it...

    I personally think anyone who thinks Something New wasn't the right comeback single is deluded. It was the comeback single of comeback singles.
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