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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. It’s a dated, cheesy bop that’s still a ton to fun. A nice treat.
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  2. I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy Wear It Like A Crown, definitely very much a Sarah Harding song it’s great.

    Obviously not the right time, but she must have reams of material just sat there it would be nice for her to have a compilation all of her own. I just hope she’s happy now she has this out, and that it’s a success for such a good cause.
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  3. Now can someone go dig this up so we can FINALLY hear it?!

  4. Now although officially a tad dated. But I don't care as musically I have still yet to advance from 2010.
    Wear It Like A Crown is actually great. I miss this type of Pop.
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  5. I adore this snippet and I wish I'd live there to follow Richard X in the forest back in the day and steal this recording.
  6. I hate bragging about stuff in general but for this one, I’m really proud. I got the amazing chance to design the artwork and lyric video for the Sarah release and it’s been absolutely emotional all the way through - from getting it commissioned, to submitting it and getting positive feedback.

    Girls Aloud have been such an important part of my life, not just musically but from the perspective of working as a graphic designer with music. I’ve studied the Girls Aloud packaging, design consistency and art direction for as long as I remember. Designing for one of my pop heroes, one of the reasons why I became fascinated with music + visual, is truly a full circle moment. I hope everyone enjoys the finished product.

    I can’t believe I worked for a Girls Aloud girl, girls!!!!!

  7. Congrats for your work on the video! Is "WeLovePop" a label? I see that it's the YouTube channel hosting the video.

    Regarding the song : it's a nice little pop number but I was expecting something more Xenomania-ish. And I don't like what they did with her voice on the chorus, it was the same on "Threads", she has a beautiful and strong voice and doesn't need all these layers! Enjoyable song nonetheless.
  8. Already #1 on ITunes
  9. Wow, she took the crown quickly! Second iTunes number 1 within the same month for Sarah!

  10. Amazing work, congratulations!

    @Jackooh would you mind to give us some insights regarding the song? When was recorded and stuff like this?
  11. So lovely to see Sarah, wearing the number one crown again on iTunes.
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  12. Whew. Another banger to add to my GA playlist.

    We are EATING this month aren't we girls!
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    I guess we can.

    WeLovePop is Fascination.
  14. It’s straight out of 2010/11 and I love it for it. It’s nostalgic! What a treat for the fans, nice to hear any money will go to charity too.
  15. I really like the track, obviously it's a demo but I'm glad to have it.
  16. Again wow - another #1 on iTunes for Sarah. She will be so proud! As for the song it’s a bop! I too would love to hear all of her solo stuff especially the Xenomania sessions!
  17. I love the bridge with the whispered vocals.
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    The Threads EP Is just outside the album top 10! Id love it if this went to number 1 too! Indelible is stun!
  19. I think she chose the right song to release from the vaults, the lyrics can be interpreted like a big fuck you to her illness and all the hardships she's faced with it. Seeing all the love for her online is so sweet, I hope she knows how loved she is by the fans and supporters.
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