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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I've had not chance to listen to the track yet, but I've purchased it and the Threads EP. Hope seeing the iTunes Chart makes her smile.
  2. Just brought the Threads EP It would be amazing if she gets to #1 on Album charts as well as #1 on singles chart.

    I wonder if Wear It Like A Crown will be in any major playlists Tmrw with it being #1 I'd like to think they would consider it for New Music Friday
  3. 'Threads' is number 5 now! Also, I found myself bopping to 'Wear it like a crown' several times today.
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  4. Wow I had no idea "Threads" the EP was on iTunes as it's not in my country. "Indelible" is such a beautiful and moving song, this one would deserve to be number 1 so much.
  5. The Threads EP is up to #4 on iTunes!
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  6. I hope this motivates her to release a full length album in near future. Of course, health comes first, but I would love a solo album from Sarah.
  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    If you guys want another blast from the past:

    I just ran into these while looking for some other apps for my resurrected G4. It's hilarious but I noticed for some you can choose which member as your playable character. The nostalgia of it all.
  8. That “Girls on Bikes” one from Wake Me Up looks hilare
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  9. Oh my! I remember Rachel Stevens having a couple of these as well.

    I miss a decent enhanced CD!
  10. I can’t find the Threads video on Youtube anymore.
  11. The EP isn't on streaming and the video has been taken down everywhere too. You can still watch here though:

    It's great to see the single doing so well! I always wanted more Sarah solo music. I always really liked the "Threads" EP. Can't believe it's #2 - wonderful to see people getting behind her at last. The lyrics for "Live Before I Die" are so poignant now but also empowering and defiant!
  12. I always felt Sarah would've pulled off Amelia Lily's Xenomania material to perfection.
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  13. Wear It Like A Crown is a bop. It sounds a bit like a song from What Will The Neighbours Say? Which isn't a bad thing. She sounds really great on it. She has such a distinctive voice.
  14. Does anyone know what happened re. Sarah’s solo career? As far as I know she was the only GA member not to sign to a major for an album and I always thought it was quite odd especially given how much she shone on the last Out Of Control album before the hiatus
  15. Does she mention it in her book? Trying to source a copy! The song is a bop and I’ve always loved Threads. Hope we get some more of her stuff.
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  16. Read Sarah’s book in one sitting today. Still can’t quite wrap my head around her prognosis but god what a delight she is. Was in absolute bits at the Nadine/Cheryl chapters. I hope Sarah can feel the outpouring of love from everyone.
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  17. There's very little about her solo music in the book. She briefly mentions recording with Xenomania (and other producers) for a solo project, but everything was put on hold when she entered rehab in 2011. After that she struggled to move things forward, because of the negative perception people had towards her. I was a bit disappointed that all the other solo music stuff was ignored e.g. Threads, the 2014 showcase, looking for a record deal after Girls Aloud, working with Richard X etc.

    I would have liked to hear more about Girls Aloud's music too, particularly the recording process with Xenomania. I love hearing all that stuff. But aside from that slight criticism, it was a very enjoyable read. There was lots of stuff I didn't know about Sarah (e.g. her ADHD, being sent to boarding school at a young age, feeling like an outsider during the early days in Girls Aloud) which give me a much better understanding of her as a person. Nadine's chapter was particularly touching. I also loved all the Sarah and Nadine anecdotes, like the flight to New Zealand and getting drunk in Moscow.
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  18. Congrats on having such a unique opportunity! You did great, and you should be proud of that. Much much love.
  19. SBK


    She skips through it really quickly in the book, basically, whenever she made progress with her music her personal life got in the way, she did an album or so with Xenomania but she couldn't get it out because no one wanted to get behind her as she'd recently gone to rehab

    After I finished I did feel like she had two or three books worth of content in there, I was a bit surprised that everything around the 2012 reunion was just a paragraph.. Obviously, she's limited with time so it had to be this way.
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  20. I find the vocal production on Wear It to be very jarring. It makes for a rather unpleasant listening experience and is a shame considering Sarah really doesnt know any extra help in that area.
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