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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Nadine was on “I Can See Your Voice” last Saturday and her voice sounded as gorgeous as ever anyway.
  2. Ugh yes. Would have totally fit the theme of that section too.
  3. And 3 minutes of silence instead of 'that other song'
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  4. Take out the obvious and Ten really is that Greatest Hits album isn’t it?
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  5. I only wish it featured all their singles. But it might have needed 2 discs.
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  6. The Promise? Yeah, agreed.
  7. It’s a very good greatest hits collection but it could have been better. Chemistry is massively underrepresented.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Imagine having this take.
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  9. I just had a look at the track listing and it’s missing quite a few singles I thought would have been there. Wake Me Up was never a fave of mine but I’m surprised that’s not there. And although Walk This Way is kind of questionable in its quality (I don’t mind it) that could have been included as it was a number 1 single released after the previous greatest hits - but it’s not a glaring omission really. I think Long Hot Summer and Whole Lotta History deserved places on there.
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  10. If the sequencing was different yeah. I don’t understand why they went with reverse chronological order for the albums but not the songs released
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  11. The TEN album felt a little missed opportunity. I guess it was so hard to pitch because The Sound of Girls Aloud has sold so well. I'm sure it's sales are well over 1 million copies and with those kind of sales it's hard to sell a 2nd Greatest Hits (especially when the first one came out 6 years before) that has the majority of the 1st Greatest Hits on it. (See also Steps Gold verses the Ultimate Collection and Britney's Greatest Hits: My Prerogative vs The Singles Collection). Being treated to 4 new songs gave that extra incentive to buy as well as the 2nd cd but Something New didn't connect with the general public the way they probably hoped (I loved it and it's one of their best for me). It didn't do what it's older sister song (Something Kinda Oooh) did and sell Ten.

    I would have preferred the 2cd strategy but spanning all the singles as well as the new songs and the fans favourites and created more of a celebration of their catalogue.
  12. How much has Ten sold?
  13. From wikipedia - 170,000

    The Sound of Girls Aloud is marked at 1.2million
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  14. SBK


    It's actually sold 282k to date...

    170k physical
  15. 2014

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    They should've made it 20 songs and added Wake Me Up and Long Hot Summer and replaced you know who with Life Got Cold.
  16. They should have just put Beautiful Cause You Love Me on there 20 times and called it a day xox
  17. SBK


    RIP the next 5 pages.
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  18. To be fair, having the first album in history to sell zero copies would be kind of an iconic achievement so I'd have been here for this too.
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  19. I mean, people have taken up the past five pages forcing the narrative of the thread with it anyway! It’s impact!
  20. That doesn’t add up to 282k. Is the rest streams?

    Quite a difference between the two albums then. 2012 was very more of a download era even though that proportion of downloads is relatively small. 2006 would be have been majority physical CD sales I imagine.
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