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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. ADM


    The Promise? "Cus bay-beee" or..

    You know what there are actually many I'd just go through this and it'll click for you somwhere:
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  2. It was dont want you back!
    God I love this song!

  3. Recent pic of Sarah! Glad to see she is Smiling!
  4. I can’t lie, this was a bit of a shock to me. But she does look beautiful, happy and much healthier than I expected.
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  5. ADM


    I do agree, but it’s lovely to see her and looking lovely too. All the love to her.

    I really hope she gets to have that party.
  6. Definitely didn’t expect to see any pictures of her so I hope and would like to think that they wouldn’t post this picture without Sarah’s consent.

    Happy to see her and to see her smiling is a bonus!
  7. lovely to see Sarah smiling i often think about her
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  8. What a lovely picture. Bless her.
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  9. Taken down so probably not.
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  10. Sad I didn't get a chance to see a picture of her looking happy but understand if she's uncomfortable with having pictures of herself out there at the moment.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The five of them were so iconic and funny and as un-media trained as you can get, particularly highlighted in these docs. They must absolutely cringe looking back now, but I don't think anything they really said came from a bad place, they were just young and most of the time in completely weird scenarios.
  12. Nicola's 'you want us to talk to journalists now?!!!!' is just like the Lananeeneenoonoo sketch where they fume at having to get their photos taken.
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  13. Totally agree. The trek in Greece was clearly an attempt at a set up scenario for the documentary and their responses feel like a kick back at that.

    Reading what Rebecca Ferguson went through, it's reassuring to know that Girls Aloud seemed to have a good team around them. They were hard working girls and some of their attitudes seen in documentary would have been due to tiredness, missing family and generally being a bit too normal for popstar life.
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  14. Yeh I read Rebecca Ferguson’s tweets last night. Maybe things worked out well for the girls with Kimberley taking the reigns basically for the first few years at least.

    A huge part of Girls Aloud’s charm especially in the early days was that lots of the fans were the same age as them. I certainly was a few years younger. They acted how your friends acted, they were always on nights out and they seemed familiar.

    I think the lack of media training was actually a bit of a blessing.
  15. ADM


    I seen a meme that went something along the lines of "The Olympics brought back the Spice Girls, Euros brought back Atomic Kitten, we need something to conjure Girls Aloud again". I love the enthusiasm out there but the GP really don't understand the seriousness of the situation.

    Twenty is definitely out of the question I feel, but I would love to see them together in a public way in years to come.
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  16. SBK


    Yeah for most of the general public they won't know/remember what she's going through.

    I'm trying to remain optimistic. I know a full blown reformation is probably out-of the question, but I remain hopeful that we'll get to see them together again, maybe at the party Sarah wants to have.
  17. Oh yeah they definitely won’t do anything publicly as a band but I’m sure there’ll be something released to mark 20 years.
  18. Between all the awful covers, remixes and Joel Corry tracks, Sexy! No No No was used on Love Island tonight, which had me squeeling.
  19. It gets used so much in television shows! I think the eery intro into thumping track really works for tv!
  20. Yep, there was a period of time it was used on pretty much every episode of every Syco show, right? Usually for the audition where someone ends up kicking off at the judges.

    But I definitely didn't expect it on Love Island. It's pretty much Sigala-tropical beats or nothing.
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