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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Oh no not the news we wanted to hear. I really hate to think of her suffering.
  2. Poor Sarah.
  3. Yikes. And I was really hoping for the No News Is Good News way of thinking.
    Love to Sarah! X
  4. I’ve been going through their catalogue and The Loving Kind really stands out. Whew it was a moment. It was a moment.

    And Sarah basically carries the song too. I guess that explains why it’s my most favorite from the girls.
  5. To lighten up the mood, Nadine was saying “As you all know, Sarah has not been feeling too well. So I want you all to send your best wishes and positive vibes her way.”.

    While of course we’ll be pouring out love and virtual supports to Sarah per usual, hearing what Nadine said actually got me a bit relieved ‘cause it doesn’t sound as grimmy as the tweet made it out to be.
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  6. Thank you for the clarification! The tweet was written like a headline from The Sun, meh…

    I think of Sarah every day.
  7. Same! It's so fucking sad and incomprehensible. Continuing to wish the best for her.
  8. Another great set from Nadine. Really nice of her to mention Sarah. I’m sure she’ll see a video and appreciate it.

    It’s just heartbreaking. I do hope Sarah isn’t going downhill though. One of her friends who I follow posted this yesterday before Nadine’s set.

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  9. Oh gosh. I’m really worried about her, my heart breaks just thinking of her.
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  10. Nadine seems really sad from her body language in that video and it's making me feel so worried about Sarah.
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  11. Can’t see the video in the thread so I’ve copied it in.

  12. The pause between speaking got me, almost like she was trying to keep it together so her voice didn’t break. I thought the same as everyone else, no news is good news but…. sigh. Thinking of her.
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  13. I know what you mean. I’m trying to be optimistic but seeing her friend post that randomly, and the video of Nadine. I hope it’s just a coincidence.

    Sarah is only 3 months off turning 40. I really hope she reaches that milestone.
  14. Why have I just got all emotional hearing Nadine’s message about Sarah? God, these girls mean so much.
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  15. Oh Sarah.

  16. I would really like to know what their stylist was thinking when putting them in these costumes.
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  17. I thought the same when I saw this. Although some of their looks are now very dated, they usually were great for the time and reflected the mood of the era. This look feels very jammed stapler!...NO NO NO.
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  18. My ears have mistaken me for years and I thought the “Dance if you want til the dirty is done” part of Graffiti My Soul was solely Kimberley, but I swear I’m hearing It go back and forth between her and Cheryl. Like that’s absolutely Cheryl that sings the “don’t push my love too far” line right ?
  19. Going from the Fling My Soul Overboard mix that leaked ages ago it’s a mixture of Sarah, Kimberley & Cheryl doing those lines.
  20. I always thought "don't push my love too far" was 100000% Cheryl.

    Here's a line distribution video:
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