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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Wait I never looked into it because I thought it was just another fan-made tour edit and I'm obsessed. Did it ever surface in a form other than Soundcloud rips?
  2. Yes, a HQ version was a part of the Girls Aloud 15th Anniversary leaks a few years ago.
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  3. I posted the official mix on my YouTube
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  4. Indeed, it goes Kimberley, Sarah, Kimberley, Cheryl. But from the LQ videos from the Greatest Hits Tour, it seems Kimberley took over the whole bit.
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  5. Sorry I’m late but what leaks? This get me excited! What are all the leaked tracks?
  6. This was a big debate in 2004 on this forum when WWTNS was first released, I think we came to conclusion that Kimberley did the whole rap until the last line which is Cheryl.
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  7. Sarah does the second line of the rap.
  8. Kimberley does it all live but it’s very much Kim, Sarah, and Cheryl on the studio recording.

    Now, in “Something New”, is it not Sarah who does “Go anywhere” and “We can do, do anything”? Live it always seems to go to Nadine and Cheryl respectively.
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  9. Yes it’s Sarah. Must be easier to just have it be Nadine and Cheryl
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  10. Just came to say that Biology is probably one of my favourite pop songs to ever exist. It truly is a journey of twists and turns that, even after 16 years, still feel surprising. There is no regard for any conventions (vocal distribution, structure, chorus, lyrical sense). It's such a miracle that their record company agreed to it as a single, it's such an important song.
  11. This is exactly how I feel about The Show.

  12. Even more so when you think how Long hot summer underperformed and how the label wanted a Christmas ballad cover. The label must have absolutely understood it's brilliance.
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  13. An underrated beast. Sure, it’s not hated on but I barely see it mentioned as one of their greatests.
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  14. Couldn't agree more. I think it's every bit as off-the-wall and innovative as Biology, but with even hookier hooks and more infectious lyrics. It doesn't get nearly enough love on here.
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  15. I love The Show! It’s what made me take notice of them.
  16. “That special something, that they are hunting, they’re always wanting more and more” is a massive moment in their catalog, whew.

    it’s also got a relentless beat just like something kinda ooooh and I just never tire of their upbeat numbers.
  17. When I first checked them out and added their singles (up to See the Day) to my iPod, The Show was The One for me.
  18. I also love how it sounds like it could've been recorded any time in the past 50 years but not in a strictly 'this sounds throwback' way like The Promise but in more of a 'this song defies time' way.
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  19. It may be a ‘song of its time’, but I can also hear React by PCD playing over its instrumental and still be a modern banger.
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  20. Summed up perfectly! It’s my favourite song of any act, ever.
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