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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Today sucks, but heaven gained an absolute legend. Guess I'll go annoy the neighbors and blast some Girls Aloud in her honor.
  2. Very much this. Girls Aloud played a big part in the birth & growth of Popjustice and as @Euphoria so eloquently wrote, this was a rare space for American & other international fans to find information about the group and discover other fans with whom you could discuss this incredible music. They are the reason so many of us joined this site, or are still here all these years later. The two go very much hand-in-hand, and so it does feel like the death of a part of the Popjustice community as well.
  3. Sending her a letter in the mail was a strangely comforting act, knowing that it would become part of a choir of cards showing how much people genuinely cared. For so long, from the outside, it was hard to see her battle acting out from insecurity. But she is not that insecurity. And she is certainly not that cancer. She was in fact, a beautiful human being with wit, charisma, and a genuine, giving heart. She is part of a family of celebrated music, and her voice and spirit embodied electric joy. Of the many battles one faces in this life, she won by being surrounded by love, and the understanding that she made the world better for being her. She will be cherished.

    Thank-you, Sarah.
  4. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Sorry if this sounds like I’m making it about myself, but it really fucking stings to know I’ll never get to see all five of them in concert. I was too young to really see any of their studio album tours, and while I was interested in the Ten Tour, the thought of going on the unfathomable 3-hour trek from Devon to London seemed totally impossible for my anxious 12-year-old self. I already regretted not going, but even more so now.
  5. Being a young girl in Southern Texas, Girls Aloud always seemed like such a hidden gem I had discovered over fifteen years ago. Sarah was always so beautiful and just happy to be there, they all brought something to the table but she brought a light and an edge to the group. She was wild and fun and had some gorgeous moments in a few of the songs (no need to bring them up specifically, everyone else already has).

    I can't believe it. I feel like most of us were always dreading the day, knowing it would come eventually but hoping it never would. I got on today, saw how many new pages their were and my heart sank. My thoughts go out to her family, friends, the girls and all of us fans. May she rest in peace and may her loved ones eventually find solace in the fact that she is no longer suffering.
  6. Very nearly lost it when listening to I'll Stand By You just now. Don't know whether I'll be able to listen to that song properly for a while. The pure joy when I hear their songs, even now as I'm typing this.

    I'm utterly devastated. Can't even put it into words. I only thought about her the other day too and to finish her book.
    I can't even think about looking at the other girls social media posts. We've lost such an incredible person too soon once again. Her legacy will live on forever.

    Am I going to wear my Girls Aloud Ten Tour t-shirt tomorrow at work to commemorate her? Yes.
  7. No, I kind of feel the same way; it's not the first thing on my mind but I always wanted to see them together and was too young or not making enough money to fly to England when they were on tour. I was already saving a little bit for the 20th anniversary, just in case and still am, if something does happen, but I feel it would be bittersweet now.
  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Felt like this to me too (though Amy is from the same time period).
    Definitely the first time a 'celebrity death' really got to me and it feels like someone 'I grew up with'
  9. Today is a very sad day, I hope you’re all ok.

    I hope something is done in her memory to help celebrate her life. I’ve been listening to GA and Sarah songs. Even Mustang Sally that she loved singing on karaoke.
  10. My heart goes out to you all. I was never an ardent fan of Girls Aloud and only really got into them with "The Promise" ("here I am / walking primrose" is one of my all-time favourite pop moments)... but I just adored Sarah. The ultimate underdog. 39 years of age is far, far too early to pass away... what a life, though! What she and Girls Aloud have brought to pop culture will never be forgotten.

    Playing these bops out the window to the setting sun -

  11. I’m speechless. I echo the eloquent sentiments of so many of you. It’s just so sad, heartbreaking, and feels so unfair.

    I remember being 9 when Girls Aloud formed and being a bit annoyed that she even got in the band instead of Javine. But she won me over very quickly with her undeniable star power and charisma. She was so edgy and cool! My goodness, she could light up a room! She was just a magnetic performer and had personality in spades.

    I agree that Girls Aloud and Popjustice are somehow closely linked, and this loss has truly hit the heart of the forum. I tried to listen to The Loving Kind earlier and had to stop because I could feel myself just getting so choked up. A real loss.

    My thoughts are with her family, friends, and fans. Rest in peace, rock chick!
  12. Should they feel ready to do so, I could see the remaining members celebrating the 20th anniversary next year in honour of Sarah’s memory.

    I imagine it’s exactly what she would have wanted. A huge celebration, focusing on the good times and the incredible memories, with an abundance of glitz and glamour.
  13. Oh god. I didn't know this either. Now i'm crying again.

    I remembered they were not all on good terms last time I had checked in with them. When I saw the news today I had hoped they had made amends before her passing. I'm so happy to read this despite the devastating news.
  14. It's a big intimation of mortality, when celebrities that have been part of your life for so long die. I'm not someone who grew up with their music, I'm someone slightly older than Sarah who was watching Popstars and cheering on the girls, hoping that the general public would have taste and back the girl group with the charisma. It's one more whisper to us all that the good times don't last forever, and your treasured icons will go too.

    Oddly tonight I'm having memories of the time a friend with PTSD was reacting badly to his tranquilising medication, so we sat down and turned to a music TV channel showing a Girls Aloud special. It got him through the evening.
  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Just sat in the garden watching the sun going down, played Untouchable, and had a good cry. Didn’t expect it to hit me like that.
  16. [​IMG]

    Found this photo I have of Sarah, caught in a moment, what a fun and beautiful soul. Very rarely do celebrity deaths effect me, but like many people here Girls Aloud were such a huge part of my life so this has really got to me today. Just, so sad.
  17. I am listening to Tangled Up in full before I sleep tonight.
  18. I’ve just poured myself a large glass of fizz to raise a glass to Sarah whilst listening to “The Promise”.
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