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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I have one other friend who loves Girls Aloud (they jumped on the train after discovering Cheryl via reaction gifs on ONTD years ago), and I sent him a clip of the Cheryl/Nicola performance before going to sleep last night. We had brunch today, and naturally, I wore my now ill-fitting Ten Tour t-shirt, to which he pointed out and said, “Oh, was this because of last night’s performance?” And I realized I had to share this news with him: that our dear Sarah had passed. Silly as it may seem, it was one of the hardest conversations I’ve ever had; we both broke into tears at the restaurant and ordered our first bottomless mimosas in years. In so many ways, Girls Aloud has felt like this cult phenomenon that only I know about. I’ve always rejoiced in finding another person who even knows their name; so to spend today mourning in company made this even more real that I was prepared for. Her impact goes far beyond anything I could have imagined as an isolated American gay teen in the early aughts.
  2. Of all the members, she seemed to be the one most in tune with the very particular energy of the band—edgy, glossy, goofily sincere and just fun. What a heartbreakingly cruel way to leave, but also—especially on the evidence so many of us on this forum alone—what a life to have lived.
  3. It doesn’t sound odd to me, as that was my exact reaction too. I was reading through everyone’s posts and didn’t want to repeat a point already made. Grateful for the Girls and grateful for this forum.
  4. As a US fan, I keep thinking about all this. Wake Me Up did to me, so many years ago, what The Show and Love Machine were attempting to and totally pulled me into the mindblowing soundscape of Xenomania and Girls Aloud. It really was the perfect marriage and it was Sarah's radiating energy ("Let's sift through the haze," ...) that finally reeled me in and turned me into full-on stanning.

    Reading through Nicola's IG post was tough. I wish I could hug the girls and tell them how sorry I am for their loss. We're all hurting. It makes me smile seeing the outpouring love on here and speaks to the Girls' impact.
  5. Bit too much wine tonight and now having a youtube binge of loadsa GA live performances that is both lovely and painful.

    I will never not be angry at whoever was in charge of sound of the Tangled Up tour DVD, but thankfully it's shot beautifully.

    I'm so glad we have this space to share our grief.

    Girls Aloud were amazing. Sarah Harding was amazing. We will forever be grateful.
  6. When I discovered Popjustice years ago (I guess around 2006?) I noticed the obsession over Girls Aloud and by that time I only knew Jump (as it was on heavy rotation on Turkish music video channels and that was it). First I found the obsession weird as they were no special to me. Once 'Promise' was out I felt that was a Spice Girls level golden pop and first I started listening to its parent album and then the rest of the discography. I learnt all their names and I 'got' them finally. I am thankful for PJ's existence that I have been aware of Girls Aloud's brilliance and had the chance to share many moments digitally with pop kids around the globe. If PJ did not exist, Sarah possibly would not mean what she meant to me today. I am sorry for our loss and sad but also relieved for her as well. She was a queen. Rest in peace, Sarah.
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  7. Reading through this thread is such a comfort. How she touched so many of our lives and reliving the moments that she had, especially in Girls Aloud, are unforgettable.

    She was always such a warm presence, I love watching her in performances because she gave 100 every time.

    I’m also so glad we got her book and her words are immortalised. I hope she knew how much she was loved and cherished. An Icon.
  8. It’s taken me all day to post about this and I really am devastated. I couldn’t help but feel an affinity with Sarah. She shone with an awkward eccentricity that I think a lot of “outsiders” can relate to. Seeing her struggles and the way she dealt with them so frankly and unapologetically really struck a chord with me as well.

    Aside for that, she was an absolute star, who has soundtracked so much of my life and like many of us, really was a big part of me coming to terms with who I am as a person. I feel blessed to have seen her on stage, the few times that I did and will never forget it.
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  9. I’m shattered. Like many of the internet, Girls Aloud were part of my introductory to the world of Pop and how interesting, creative, manic and energising it can be.

    To me, Sarah was always the most human and personable member - she was like the outstretched hand inviting us all to party in this bonkers world Girls Aloud and Xenomania had created.

    And it keeps me spinning
    And controls what happens
    'Til Monday, 'til Monday
    And it might sound crazy
    But your voice still leaves me
    All funky
  10. Wow there are no words. This is so sad, and didn’t expect it to happen that soon. Rest In Peace angel girl.
  11. This. I feel all this.
  12. I'm utterly lost for words waking up to this news today. So many incredible GIrls Aloud memories for so many of us. What a legacy to leave. Truly devastating news.

    RIP Sarah.
  13. This is really sad, and it feels so weird. As an American, my big break into following Brit Pop was Girls Aloud--and Sarah was such a favorite of mine. I discovered PopJustice because of the girls. I've been coming here (and doing more reading than posting) since The Show was released (if I remember correctly). So much love for Sarah, her family and friends, the Girls Aloud fans, and the PopJustice forums today. Thanks for all of the joy that you have brought into my life and so many others.
  14. Sarah on the front page of tomorrow’s Guardian. I love the picture they used.

  15. So incredibly sad. It still hasn’t fully registered that she’s gone. Fly high baby girl, we love you.
  16. Weirdly only now realising the reason I’m on these forums is because of Girls Aloud. My favourite place to run to when something in pop culture happens.

    I think this is going to have a slow impact on me. They’re the reason I love pop music as much as I do. Sarah walking primrose is a huge part of that.

    She left knowing she was loved, there’s comfort in that.
  17. Even though this day was inevitable I’m still finding it hard to comprehend. I’ll never see my favourite band fully together again and that’s a hard thing to think about. I’m thinking of all her friends and family and everyone on this forum who grew up with Girls Aloud and loved them so much. RIP Sarah.
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  19. I’m not ready to read the girls’ posts if I see them. Nicola’s showed up on my feed and I was already close to breaking down at work。
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