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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Incidentally, I love that she's at the centre of the group on the cover of their very underrated debut album.

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  2. I always loved that cover.
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  3. [​IMG]

    And on the last cover too.​
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  4. This is so good ! Sarah would be so happy!

    Also I don’t really remember a lot of the performances from Popstars The Rivals so seeing this now is great!

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  5. This is so true. Being from the states, I feel especially lucky to have stumbled upon the Tangled Up album early in the days of the blogosphere and then discovering a catalog of genre redefining pop music. GA was the soundtrack for my life in so many pivotal seasons. To me, Sarah will live forever through the music!!!
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  6. I’m still in a state of disbelief. For so long I was convinced all five of them would reunite next year and I would finally see them live. I just can’t phantom that she’s really gone.

    I truly hope the other girls/Fascination can organize something next year in honor of Sarah. The thought of this being the last time that the general public thinks about her just doesn’t sit right with me. She deserves something spectacular, bold, in your face and positive. A celebration of her life and legacy.
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  7. What a woman. We're so lucky to have had her.
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  8. It didn't feel real reading the news on Sunday and I'm not sure it's sunk in yet, or when it will. A part of me thinks it maybe already has. When Sarah announced her diagnosis last summer I remember how much of a gut punch it felt, and the update in March obviously wasn't promising to the point I think I started coming to the terms with the fact that this news was going to come sooner rather than later, sadly. Of course I still held out hope that she'd beat the odds and be around a little longer but I think the lack of updates spoke clear that the situation was worse than feared, especially when she never got to have her one last party when lockdown restrictions lifted. Strangely, maybe there was even a little bit of relief seeing the news on Sunday, because this last 18 months must've been hell and whenever I did stop to think of or worry about Sarah I always hoped that wherever she was she was at least comfortable. On Sunday, one of my thoughts was "she's at peace now".

    I know that when or if we see a new photo of the 4 girls together, whether it's at the funeral, in a years time for the 20th anniversary, or further down the line, that it's gonna hurt. Sarah was such a tour de force within the band, an unmistakable and undeniable part of the group. They all were, all 5. That's what made them so special, and what makes this news all the more devastating.

    I haven't read Hear Me Out yet. I kind of kept putting it off. I knew most of the main bits of it that the press pulled out, I'd looked at the photos and read tiny bits here and there but I havent read it front to back. A part of me kept meaning to read it, a part of me kept putting it off. I'm not sure when I'll pick it up to read but I know I'm looking forward to it. Sitting down to read it one day with a mug of tea bottle of rosé, hearing 'new' Sarah in my head one last time. It'll be hard, but at the same time cathartic and help with the mourning/coming to terms process I hope.

    I got caught off guard at work today when a Girls Aloud song came on the radio but thankfully it was 'just' Long Hot Summer. I still felt a bit of goosebumps at hearing them played in public for the first time since the news. Not sure how I'll feel when The Promise comes on (it's usually on heavy rotation), or when I'm on a dancefloor to one of their songs after a few drinks. On a similar note, ever since I took up running in 2012, Something New has been key to my running playlist. It plays throughout my runs, but I always time my playlists for 10K's and marathons so that I finish a run listening to Something New, in particular Sarah's chants of 'Follow the leader'. It's just such a rush, and a perfect song to run to. I get emotional and mentally exhausted at the end of a regular marathon anyway, so I'm not prepared for the end of my next race when I'm sure the tears will be streaming.

    Over the last couple of days though I haven't stopped beaming at all of the videos and anecdotes shared about both Sarah and Girls Aloud on here and on social media. The fact that they are such an intrinsic part of so many of our lives, especially when young. The fact that the music was so bonkers and brilliant. Man, what a fucking legacy to leave behind. I hope, and I'm sure, that Sarah knew that.
  9. I found this to be surprisingly touching and sums up what a lovely, funny and open person Sarah was. At one point she says: I live in the moment, definitely. You could be dead tomorrow.

  10. Thanks for this - I couldn’t find this official video the other day. She oozes star quality and charisma here; she just has it.
  11. My favourite Girls Aloud songs are Untouchable and The Loving Kind - I don’t think I’ll be able to listen to them for a while but I did just have a moment with The Promise.

    What a legacy.
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  12. Thank you for sharing this, I've never seen it. She showed a true vulnerability in this documentary - it was a real insight into who she was as a person. She seemed so genuine. You could tell she just wanted to feel secure and loved. You just come away from it wanting to give her a big hug and wish her all the happiness in the world. I hope she knew just how much all of her fans loved her.
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  13. I wasn't such a big fan of Girls Aloud during their peak - I definitely was more of an R&B head at the time - and only properly started getting into their music over the last 5 years or so, and appreciating the incredible pop music they made. However, even before I was a proper fan, I was always drawn to Sarah for some reason. She just came across as very real and someone you could very easily like.

    Her passing is so incredibly sad. No one deserves to lose their life to the cruelness of cancer (f*ck cancer) but especially when it's someone so young, it really does hit home how serious it is. To everyone who grew up with Girls Aloud's music and were touched by Sarah's spirit and energy, you're all in my thoughts.
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  14. Good grief, I was just out to dinner with the family here in the US and their version of I'll Stand By You came on over the speakers. Made my night and wrecked me.
  15. I don't really have anyone in my life to talk to about the importance of Girls Aloud to me as I live in Australia and they just weren't the juggernaut they should've been here. I understand in many ways why they weren't, they're quintessentially British in their energy and just so delightfully odd that we were never really going to adopt them fully (the general public here lacks taste but that's for another day).

    So it's all a bit odd for me to sit with Sarah's passing and what a legacy she leaves in terms of pop music. I only really came to love Girls Aloud after their peak... but fuck me what a discography of bold, pioneering, weird, brash songs that constantly subverted and flipped expectations. I cherish so much of their catalogue so tightly and personally. I also know that so much of the genre-straddling, boundary-blurring pop that is accepted today owes its very existence to the ground she and the girls covered in their years together.

    Her contribution was monumental and irreplaceable and I'm very grateful that this community exists as it's helped me see that there are many others who feel the same and recognise this loss, even when those directly around me do not.
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  16. Does anyone get fascinated whenever the girls take turns to sing and they each go back and forth with each other? I dont know how to explain but I just love the part where Nadine and Sarah do the “Should have come with a party rap/ So I know where the night would take me.” in Something Kinda Ooooh, or the Nicola/ Sarah exchange in the first verse of On The Metro. Her combo with Cheryl is also just lovely and effective in The Loving Kind. I have yet to figure one for Kim/ Sarah though.
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  17. The amount of love outpouring for Sarah has made me cry multiple times this week.

    Real talent can never be denied, and she had buckets of it.

    I feel so lucky we got to spend the precious time with her we were allowed
  18. Swinging London Town? Singapore? Hear Me Out? Or them singing together for the chorus of Models or the harmonies on Wake Me Up and Love Is Pain live? Even though they have completely different tones, they sure do work so well together! Right now I’m imagining how Kim’s demo of ‘here I am, walking primrose’ would sound intertwined with Sarah.
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  19. I'm currently on a Girls Aloud binge hammering it up celebrating the legacy Sarah has left behind then I so happen to come across this performance of the girls singing Love Machine on Top of the pops and Sarah is not there on stage (she's on the side tho she had injured her foot) but still it just like made me feel some type of way because its like damn what timing for this resurface and this is what performances without her are gonna be like from now on... and it's a weird feeling. I'm not gonna post the video cause its still too fresh for everyone and I don't want to be insensitive but yeah this was my evening y'all its crazy to imagine now
  20. You’re right on all of those. No wonder I didn’t think of them right away as I was only looking at Ten. Hear Me Out just got me emotional again.
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