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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I listened to Ten Deluxe Version on a flight to Mallorca this week - the first time I’d listened to Girls Aloud in a while and the first since Sarah’s untimely passing. And do you know what… was a pure joy. Yes it was sad to think what could’ve been, but the sheer sparkle and off kilter pop they created with Xenomania is a back catalogue to be so proud of. Bop after bop and Sarah a real big part of that. The music is all we have left but what a gift that is. It made me smile and remember happier times.
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  2. "Girls Aloud" is such a cracking good name for a girl group.
  3. I always got the impression Sarah had lived many lives in her short 39 years. She had some stratospheric highs and some pretty low lows all crammed into a small window but when all is said and done her enthusiasm and pure love she had for Girls Aloud and being onstage still feels very enduring.
    So much euphoria and so many bittersweet emotions are threaded together through the music she helped make and therein all of that lies Sarah’s legacy - and what a legacy to leave. A back catalogue that electrified British Pop when nobody else could really step up to the challenge. I hope when the the rest of her band mates are ready she can be celebrated in the best way Girls Aloud know how - through incredible music.
  4. Ngl, I'm shook that they're mostly in sync choreo wise. The good sisses Sardine weren't exactly known for following steps ddd. Wake Me Up is such a 10/10 BOP though. God damn. It still reaches out and skull drags me by the scalp everytime it starts, even 17 years on!

    I remember thinking back in the early days (as a little gay child) that Nadine was the balance and the centre, and on one-side you had the more subdued Kimberley & Nicola, and on the other side you had Cheryl & Sarah, who brought this....edge that I can't really describe.

    I feel like that is really prevalent in their first two albums. I feel this when watching Sarah & Cheryl interact on the tour stage together as well; like during the Megamix at the end of the OOC Tour. Nadine in the middle, Kimberley & Nicola off to one end and then them two trying to sing Jump and not laugh whilst all over each other. I always smile when I see that part!

    Also, seeing Nicola & Sarah serve at 2:30 at the front whilst the other three walk back just made me smile a ton, and I'm not entirely sure why, but its made me really happy!
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  5. SBK


    I've been listening to a lot of Girls Aloud this week but avoiding the slow songs. That said it throws me a bit when she sings "shoulda made me now, coulda saved me now" in The Show.
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  6. I always adored how unashamedly shit she was at choreo -

  7. I always found it hilarious that she got progressively worse as the band went on hahahah
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  8. Cheryl helping Sarah move into position on the TEN tour is one of my favourite moments. Cheryl didn’t want her to look bad but Sarah was having such a good time she probably didn’t care. She was buzzing on that tour.
  9. ADM


    They just had IT, didn't they. Wow. Mic or no mic. They were superstars.

    That performace reminds me of this, again, rush. The camera work, the crowd near moshing to the chorus. THAT SONG.

    Sarah and Cheryl during the Love Machine section of the Megamix on the OOC tour is one of my favourite Girls Aloud moments ever.

    The look Sarah gives Cheryl when she kind of does her own thing on "YOU-NEED!" like "this one is cracked!" I love it. I'll never forget that megamix. Dublin giving it "Ooh Ooh Ooooh" to the beat at the start and me somehow knowing every single word and transition despite hearing it for the first time. I know I've said it here before but I wish I was who I am now, when they were who they were then.

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  10. Regarding the future of Girls Aloud, I think that they are capable to do something like TV special or one-off concert honouring Sarah and their legacy, with part the income going to the some kind of fund. Do I see them releasing another album? At this stage probably not, but doing disc with unreleased and specials, and maybe one "new" song with Sarah unreleased vocals is possible.

    And of course vinyls pressing, that's the least they can do and I believe that they know how much fans want this stuff.
  11. I wish they would just stick all of these on a rarities disc:

    Screenshot_20210909-214152_Samsung Internet.jpg

    I had no idea they recorded a version of Our Lips Are Sealed!
  12. Is All I Ever Do the song that Frank ended up recording? I could definitely hear Nadine on it.

    I had no idea that they had a co-write on Heartstrings... I love that song!!
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  13. Very stupid question but were there any recordings made for a follow up to Out of Control?

    I thought they would've sounded great on some Xenomania stuff from onwards (Florrie's Left Too Late, Gabriella Cilmi's Hearts Don't Lie, Mini Viva's Left My Heart in Tokyo)
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  14. It's a universal truth that the best girl groups are shit at choreography.
  15. [the "Beyoncé?!" gif but it's "Our Lips Are Sealed?!"]
    Someone else probably knows more, but I doubt it since Nadine was already making noise about going solo while they were touring Out of Control. They did do backing vocals for Annie's My Love Is Better, which Polydor then blocked them from appearing on, so they had to be re-recorded by someone else (I don't remember who - Annie and Miranda, maybe?).
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  16. This thread is doing a lot to help people deal and start to heal.
    This was sent to me on behalf of Adem.
    They knocked together a retrospective of Sarah and Girls Aloud including messages from fans.

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  17. I also recall one of the girls mentioning in Dreams That Glitter that for the Sound of the Underground album they removed around six of the original tracks last minute for new ones (I think No Good Advice was one of them but I might be wrong), I'd love to hear those.

    Lord, what I'd give to have access to the Xenomania vaults.
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  18. Aww just saw Carmit from the Pussycat Dolls instastory about Sarah, So sweet!
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  19. Brian has spoken about that in the past. His opinion was that the replaced songs weren't good, and actively needed replacing rather than just being booted off the tracklist in favour of songs that needed to take up their space. It'd still be interesting to hear what the proto-début sounded like even if it wasn't good, but I'd be surprised if a rarities album would go over songs that Xeno actively ensured weren't a part of Girls Aloud's discography.
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  20. SBK


    Nah, they normally would have gone into the studio after the tour in 2009, but they'd already agreed to take a "year" off.
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