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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Just imagine how she felt on the red carpet at the Brits 2009. She looked fucking amazing, they all did. They'd worked HARD for over 6 years. That really is the night of all Girls Aloud nights in my mind.
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  2. I’ve been dreading posting anything in this thread but Sarah was such a part of my teenager years, she was always my favorite member.
    Her voice still gives me such a rush. The way her vocals exude a soulfulness in every line she did, from I Don’t Want You Back to Every Now and Then.
    Listening to Untouchable today was emotional but fullfiling, knowing that at least with her memoir she had the opportunity to share her truth and have closure.
    Also “and i know a heart shouldn’t beat so hard but sometimes we’re swimming with the sharks. But you light up and keep me out the cold” will forever remain the most beautiful and my absolute favorite moment on any Girls Aloud song.
  3. Listening to Tangled Up tonight and enjoying some Sarah moments like the outro to Black Jacks and her solos on Control of The Knife.

    Also listening to the album version of Can’t Speak French for the first time in ages (the Jeremy Wheatley Radio Mix is my go-to) and it just hit me that it’s absolutely bonkers that they picked this as a single and then managed to send it into the top 10. What a risky move when there were so many other choices. But they did that, I don’t think anyone else could make that song a hit. And you can’t even compare the song to anything else that was around back then. Not hating on the song, it’s still a favourite but it just came to mind.
  4. Speaking of Can’t Speak French, did they have three appearances in one day? I don’t remember them to perform in repeat outfits (besides music video outfits) but they had the same ones for Paul O’Grady, T4, and Performance of Sound. I wanted to point out the outfits being stunning, but YouTube revealed the identical performances.
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  5. Close to Love is the smash that never was.

    I'd love to hear Britney's demo of Graffiti My Soul.
  6. I’ve been re-reading Sarah’s book these past two days. I can hear their voices and it’s so warming and lovely.

    There’s a chapter I forgot about towards the end, she says she had been talking to Cheryl and wanted to throw a huge gala/event to raise money for The Christie Charitable Fund. She said it would be something positive to look forward to but even if she wasn’t around to see the event through she wanted to let people know how grateful she is for everything they’ve done for her (at the Christie Hospital)

    Id love for the girls later down the line to do something for the charity for Sarah if they were to do something together to honour Sarah’s wishes!

    Does anyone know if there are any fans raising money on a go fund me for the fund or anything?
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  7. I have shit ton of Girls Aloud on my gym playlist but I cant enjoy any of their songs at the moment which really sucks.
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  8. Thank you for posting!
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  9. I've been thinking about Sarah all week and her passing really hit me as I started putting on Girls Aloud's music again. So many memories are suddenly coming back. I got into them shortly after their final tour, and if there's one word that came to mind to describe their music, it was "electrifying". And not to dismiss the rest of the group but I think Sarah, as a personality and popstar, embodied that spirit the most.

    Echoing so many of your lovely stories that resonated with me, Girls Aloud felt like my little secret. At first, I didn't know anyone who had heard of them, even in other online music places. I don't remember if they had songs on the radio in my country, though the first time I heard Sound Of The Underground, something about it sounded strangely familiar. I had started lurking on Popjustice around that time, and it immediately felt like the place that would talk about their legacy and reminisce about their history, giving me hints of what it was like to be a fan during their active years. Quickly, I fell down the rabbit hole and never went back.

    With the 20th anniversary approaching, I was considering saving for a trip abroad in case a reunion was in the works. The initial news of her cancer and further updates were devastating, and I was hoping she would pull through. I don't know yet if it helps lessen the pain for me personally, but there's a sense of comfort in knowing she was able to share her story through her book, to spend as much time with the girls and her family as the unfortunate circumstances allowed, and to feel the outpouring of love received by her fans as well.

    I'm grateful for the safe place this thread has been in the aftermath, it's been moving reading all of your tributes and seeing how much Sarah meant to each of you.
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  10. Just popping in to say that Sarah's adlibs on The Show take the song to another level. That's all.
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  11. Sarah and Nadine never fall out in first place and the two of them were close during the central years of Girls Aloud.

    By the way @kiokiokio thanks for posting this, it's such a sweet extract of the book
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  12. For me, that final run of songs is as amazing a closing run as the first three tracks of Chemistry are an opening run. Miss You Bow Wow, Revolution In The Head, and Live In The County together reach that place only truly great pop arrives at. It's brilliant.
  13. Lovely to see!

  14. I came back after a busy week to this thread and this post just made me smile and broke my heart into pieces all over again.
  15. I don't think it will really hit me that Sarah is gone unless I see the other 4 together and she isn't there.
  16. After just having a Girls Aloud binge recently and getting my boyfriend and friends get into them this is the strangest and most numb tingling thing to hear. Untouchable came on my shuffle when I was driving to work early in the morning and after I got wind and it felt absolutely surreal and I couldn't even form what I thought about it. Someone said it really well earlier- Girls Aloud were a cornerstone in pop music. They helped shaped a sound and gave life and new meaning to the concept of a girlband with their ever evolving fun, niche and genius sound. As I was discovering pop music in my early teens I was discovered them and it was so eye opening to see bops like Biology, Something Kinda Ooh, and Call the Shots- getting the first glimpse of pop outside the USA on the internet. And it was such a wild ride and so exciting to see what they cooked up next.

    Sarah had such a spark and knew how to command a stage. She never failed to give it her all on stage and she has given amazing performances. She was a huge part to Girls Aloud and never failed to be herself and constantly marched to her own tune. It's so heartbreaking to hear someone who overcame so much trauma and suffering having to deal with cancer and take on that battle too.

    My absolute favorite Girls Aloud moment:

    I'm numb thinking about how there will never be another opportunity to hear this again.

    I always have a hard time grasping/accepting someone no longer being able to be present and I feel the same way- that visual will be very cementing.
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  17. Whoever posted that link to the Official Chart Company; thank you! I’ve been diving into the stats and it just reaffirms how amazing the GA Machine really was in a time where their brand of pop was alienated.

    Interesting fact; the songs with the longest chart runs:
    > The Promise - 30 weeks
    > Call The Shots - 25 weeks
    > Can’t Speak French - 24 weeks
    > No Good Advice - 23 weeks
    > Sound of the Underground - 22 weeks

    I never would have guessed that Cant Speak French served ultra longevity out of all their singles!
  18. I love how that’s a mix of songs from really early in their career and also really late. Queens of hitting a new peak six years into their career!
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