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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I love how that’s a mix of songs from really early in their career and also really late. Queens of hitting a new peak six years into their career!
  2. I know! It's great to see such a mixture.

    On the other side, singles with the shortest chart runs (BYCLM & Theme to St Trinians have been excluded):
    > Walk This Way & See The Day - 7 weeks
    > Something New & I Think We're Alone Now- 8 weeks
    > Whole Lotta History - 9 weeks
    > The Show & Long Hot Summer - 10 weeks
    > Untouchable - 11 weeks

    Props to Something New for charting for 8 weeks in a vastly different post-GA dominance world.
    Jump & I'll Stand By You seem to be the covers that charted the most (14 weeks each)

    Justice for The Show & Untouchable though! Two of their best being treated like this.

    It is wild to me that these two have such low charting reigns for them yet Can't Speak French is in their Top 3. CSF is a bop of course but Untouchable is next level and The Show sits very comfortably in the top 10 best GA songs ever made.
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  3. I do think that when Can’t Speak French was released Cheryl was all over the news/media so that might explain a bit of it but also it’s an amazing song.
  4. Can't Speak French had the benefit of being a post album single in the download era. So it started to chart from when it was announced as a single and peaked with the physical release.

    The Show was sadly in the era of you debut at your peak and unless your a massive selling song are usually gone within 7-12 weeks in time for the next single to come out. The chart has changed so much even within the era of Girls Aloud.
  5. True - didn’t consider that it was the peak “Cheryl featuring Girls Aloud” time and the huge change in downloading!

    Also, whilst it sounds like it was low-key recorded with the girls behind a brick wall, can we appreciate Sarah’s fucking BELT on the middle-8 of Don’t Want You Back? I’ve been rewinding it and playing it for the last 20 minutes lol
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  6. Also the first Greatest Hits was really a turning point for them. The 1 million+ sales were totally unexpected and that’s when they started being considered as "National treasures". It probably saved their career as a band. Also after that they became radio darlings with Call The Shots, Can’t Speak French and The Promise being huge radio hits (which was new for them) and that helped the longetivity of these singles massively. Oh and of course early 2008 is indeed when the whole Ashley scandal got exposed and became like the most talked about topic of the year in the press so it also boosted their profile.
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  7. A bit random but I was in a shit mood earlier 'cause I've had a day. Drove around and listened to Tangled Up, came home and now I'm in bed with a cuppa reading Dreams That Glitter.

    It's just occurred to me that... These girls never fail to cheer me up, the amount of times over the years where I've gone to their music for pure comfort and found it.

    I just love them.
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  8. Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing ok.

    Just a quick request - does anyone have the below iconic single artwork in HQ/UHQ? I’d love to get it printed on a t-shirt but have struggled to find anything that isn’t grainy/blurry!


    Thanks x
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  9. This is the best I could find, I had to crop it out of another image with a few other of their single artworks.

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  10. I don't post in this tread often, but I have always been a Girls Aloud fan and Sarah was always my favourite member. Even way back when they were on Popstars The Rivals she was the one. I saw them 4 times over the years and loved everything they did. Sarah's voice was always my favourite though and she just exuded a fun, lively personality in the group. I was so upset with the news of her illness. Especially as my cousin and best friend were also going threw cancer treatments at the time. It's so cruel that she's gone so quickly.
    I was out for dinner and drinks with friends when I was sent the text that she'd died. The bar we went to after dinner just played Girls Aloud the whole time. I was with friends who also loved Girls Aloud and Sarah and it was strange and comforting to be hearing some of their music that I hadn't heard in a long time and be with people who got it.
    I have her book that bought a little while ago but haven't gotten around to reading yet. Reading some lovely posts in this thread has made me decide to start it this weekend.

    It's also nice to read so many posts from fans beyond the UK. I always think of Girls Aloud as being kind of our little secret, but I suppose great pop music will always find people no matter where they are.
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  11. Sarah adored being in the band and always retweeted fans that would send her clips of their tours, she would definitely want the girls to celebrate the anniversary. If they could possibly raise a lot of money for charity while doing it then that's the best tribute to her memory.
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  12. It might be worth messaging Form Design on Instagram - they shared it on Instagram recently in memory of Sarah and were engaging with fans in the comments.
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  13. Friendly reminder that Kimberley’s look/that lyric might not be worth emblazoning on a shirt, fabulous though the cover’s execution is!
  14. Those were actually the single covers? Oh my God. Poor Kimberley.

    Not gonna lie. I now have Love Machine stuck in my head after loathing it for years.
  15. I was surprised my mom had heard Sarah Harding passed away. Maybe this is naive of me, but I didn't know they'd talk about her passing in America.

    Mom: "She was a 'Girls Aloud' singer, whatever that is."

    I was so floored to hear "Girls Aloud" come out of my mom's mouth that I missed my opportunity to stan.
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  16. All the artwork from this era was so well executed. If I remember rightly, these are actual magazines and a fan has them in their collection.
  17. Extracted this from the design team's Instagram - thanks for the tip @Lost In Japan. - though it's still slightly compressed.


  18. Had this on constant repeat today, this song should've been huge not a minor hit that scraped into the Top 10 by the skin of its teeth. The video isn't even at a million views yet after nearly a decade. Now that's a pop injustice.
  19. Whole Lotta History is my favourite Girls Aloud song.
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  20. Whole Lotta History / Chemistry in general had a lot going against them doing better than it did - not only due to it being the 4th single, but a follow up to another (and far inferior) ballad only a couple months before, plus the state of the music industry's pop snobbery of the mid 00's at the time. Indie bands really steamrolled over most pop acts around 2004-2008.

    I was thinking a while back what I'd pick as my single choices and order:
    • Long Hot Summer / Graffiti My soul - a fun Summer double A-side bridging both albums like Steps used to do.
    • Biology - Autumn pop
    • Whole Lotta History - Christmas ballad
    • Wild Horses or Waiting - upbeat Spring 2006 final single
    The fact that See The Day takes up a space on TSOGA is aggravating.
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