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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Beautiful post. The On the Metro Verse 1 duo looks RADIANT here!
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  2. I can’t help but be a bit mad that there were not more of them paying tribute to Sarah…
    It was really nice to see Sugababes, All Saints and The Saturdays members, as well as other “pure pop” acts of the 2000s, sharing messages of support, but I hope more people outisde of this circle would have done it. Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Lily Allen, Will Young, or even Adele… They started their career along GA in the UK but we got nothing from them, like if they were too cool for her. I thought they could have least expressed some empathy.
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  3. They should have been paired more vocally.

    Their verse in Don't Want You Back is stunning and I love how they both got a bridge each in Close To Love.
  4. It was filmed in Bournemouth. It probably didn't translate well to screen or there were some rights issues with the Dirty Dancing medley?
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  5. My love for this song grows all the time! I don’t think it truly gets the love it deserves!

  6. I don’t think a medley would have prevented the release - like we didn’t get Call Me Maybe on the Ten DVD. They would have just cut it off. I hope we get something one day.
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  7. I feel like Hilary Shaw or someone who worked for them responded to my question via email with that they just never planned to film that tour. They clearly saw the feedback though as every tour after was filmed.
  8. Oh wow how did I forget about that one hell of an ENERGIZING bridge in Close to Love! The one dominantly doing the “Man get up! Tangled Up!” bits is surely Nicola right? Of course there’s Cheryl sneaking in the background too but mainly I hear only Nicola.
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  9. SBK


    I think they just didn't bother releasing it because it didn't look that great.

    Yeah, I remember this, it was never recorded professionally.
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  10. Always loved it.
    Their version of the Ten Tour always made me emotional…. And that was before Sarah....
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  11. Could it have been Jenny at Fascination who told us? She used to be the go to for all questions and a lot of fans like myself would email her asking questions!
  12. YES! That legend! We all bombarded that mailing address regarding the Sunsilk commercial song. I hope she’s doing ok.
  13. It’s one of my absolute favourite songs from them. It’s just amazing so early they released single after single of pure quality.
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  15. This was their one single I never took to. Whole Lotta History I found dull at the time, but now I think it's beautiful.
  16. I had It's Magic on repeat during my walk earlier. Its such a lovley song. Those synths in the chrous are just delicious.
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  17. The one-two punch of "Swinging London Town" and "It's Magic" is such a thrill.
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  18. Such a legend! I will forever be grateful for the girls aloud goodies she sent me!
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  19. I see The S*n are now reporting about the girls being in talks about holding a tribute concert for Sarah. Of course the papers use ‘sources’ and what not, but I could definitely see it happening at some point.

    It got me thinking though; there are just some lines of Sarah’s that I could not see the girls touching. Walking promise in particular. What better way than to grab a live vocal of Sarah doing her part instead?
  20. Nahhh come on yall gotta be fair, some song reconstructions and line swapping is bound to happen now its unavoidable and its selfish to expect that from them (just like expecting them to never release music again together but that convo has passed but all I can add to that is uhh TLC anyone?) But anyways I do believe for sure when it comes certain Sarah lines like "Walking Primrose" they'll let audience sing along loud and proud in Sarah fashion that would be a great way to keep her spirit alive and feel good ya know but perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself
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