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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Basically.
  2. I remember so vividly the meltdown on here (and GirlsAloudMedia forum) when Memory of you wasn’t released in high quality. Everyone panicked and scrambled to different music sites looking for a link. I mean look at this:

    that’s gold
  3. If I remember rightly (and I don't but I'm not about to check) there was trauma because it was Lily Allen that blocked Untouchable to get into the top ten with Not Fair. I think it was expected to drop. Apt really. The manic bulk buying of singles, whew!
  4. Does anyone remember or have a link to the song that Rolling Back The Rivers In Time sounds exactly like?
    I remember it being posted on here years ago. It's mostly the bass line and beat bits.
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  5. Keep thinking of Sarah every now and then during my free time. GA were a big part of my life from the moment they won Popstars the Rivals in 2002 up until most of the 00's. Primary school to end of High School. Man....
  6. What's next? I don't even know what I expect or want to happen. Or if anything can happen at all. But something in me wants something? I don't know.
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  7. I fucking love Girls Aloud.
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  8. Can anyone (I’m in the US) show me where I can watch The Promise at the Brit Awards? It seems to have been removed from YouTube outside territories.

    also: is there a GIF of ITS ABOUT TIME?
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  9. The Loving Kind was always in my top3 of GA songs but now with Sarah's passing combined with the lyric content and the fact that she fronts most of it has made it into a very different experience. It brings me very close to tears. Sarah's loss just still isnt fathomable.
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  10. It’s such a tricky one. A huge part of my love for them (and I’m sure most on here) is their live shows.

    Understandably, any interviews collectively and individually are going to be heavily focused on Sarah, so it’s a case of if or when they’re emotionally prepared to do so.

    Regarding the 2022 reunion talks they had, I wonder if they had plans to do stuff throughout the year (similar to Steps in 2017), or have the ball rolling in the autumn time like TEN.
  11. I really wish Polydor would fix their digital releases and do what they recently done for The Saturdays.
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  12. It would be nice to see it all digitalised, in tribute to Sarah’s legacy.
  13. This is exactly how I've been feeling. I've so been enjoying revisiting GA's entire catalogue, but I've found it quite hard to listen to The Loving Kind for the reasons you said.
  14. On The Way To Satisfaction really needs to be on streaming. Practically a Sarah solo, and it's a banger!
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  15. Not me thinking Nadine was belting "AN ALLIGATOR" in Revolution in the Head until today, when I finally skimmed the lyrics nn
  16. Imagine being so interesting as a popstar that you have words like Alabama, Eskimo, navigator, mannequin, procreation, lobster, cyanide, sushi, Snow White, disinclined, sherbet dip, pink champagne, strawberry shortcake, Aladdin’s lamp and underwear in the lyrics of your discography.
  17. **insert farm animal noises here**
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  18. I’m having a blast listening to Out Of Control these days, much more than when it was released actually.
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  19. Your vice like grip on my sherbet dip
    is driving me INSANE it's been 17 years, WTF does it mean?!
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