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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Oh my.
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  2. I was today years old when I learned that's what the actual lyric is!
  3. I have been listening to the girls on heavy rotation the last couple of weeks. As previously posted I absolutely love Black Jacks and especially the outro from Sarah - she was on fire and the Nadine lead was incredible. Anyway, I decided to give the track a makeover imagining it had been a 90s track with a house feel. Different to the original but I worked hard to make it work. I hope you enjoy my take.....

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  4. They really only rival Mariah's lyrics as reason my vocabulary improved so much since school. "Moët in mud, a bottle of Bud" lives rent free in my brain too.
  5. They’ll probably hold off now until the 20th anniversary.

  6. Sarah's "in the rush of another day" with the reverb effect is so beautiful I wish they had kept it like that for the recording.
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  7. My dumbass has been singing "If I slide grip on sugar dip" without ever once having the slightest impulse to verify to this very moment. Wow.

    I am reminiscing to The Promise leak night, being so absolutely excited and loving it form the word go. I got on board with Sexy! so it was just non stop brilliance up until that point, and they did not disappoint. I do recall thinking after Tangled Up devoured Change, that Catfights was stronger than Out of Control. Very stan wars (I stanned both) of me.
  8. As a Catfights stan (Can We Call A Truce is one of the babes' best and I will die on this hill), I know what you mean. Catfights is a lot more cohesive with the 60s revival kind of theme compared to Out of Control, which takes half of that (The Promise, Rolling Back The Rivers In Time, Love Is The Key, Miss You God God, etc.), and half of early 2000s style electronica (The Loving Kind, Turn to Stone, Love Is Pain, Untouchable) and smashes them together in what seemed like a "lets just wing it lol" kind of approach. It works for me though!

    That said, on the 60s revival front, I prefer OOC. The Promise hits harder then Girls & No Can Do (I do love NCD tho!), and both Rolling & MYBW are better then anything else on Catfights bar Can We Call A Truce.
  9. Christ I just watched the Whole Lotta History performance on the Ten Tour and I’ve got goosebumps.

    When Sarah is standing alone in the centre doing an amazing job of outro whilst the others sit on the steps behind. Really hit home that she’s gone.
  10. The pure number of facts iterated!
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  11. Is... this... official?
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  12. It’s quintessential Miranda Cooper. God, I miss her songwriting!
  13. I had no idea this was the lyric, all these years I've been hearing 'sherbet dip' as 'sugar dick' and had no idea what the lyrics were before it ddd

    Their lyrics are a scream, I actually want to fully listen through their entire discography again and listen to the lyrics because I have no doubt there's other lyrics I've got wrong.
  14. To be fair, your lyric makes as much sense as the real one!
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  15. Wow, The Promise is gorgeous!! I can't stop listening. I need an mp3 rip of this.
  16. Call the Shots - Close to Love - Sexy! No No No... - Girl Overboard

    Hung Up - Get Together - Sorry - Future Lovers

    Is there a more exhilarating opening run to a pop album than these two??
  17. Me too. I always sing "if i start grip on a sugar dick".
  18. Blackout!
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  19. I always heard "vice-like grip on a sugar dip".... I'm a flop.
  20. I think I heard this for awhile but at some point the sherbet part clicked for me.
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