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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Apologies for the double-post, but I have their essentials on a loop via Spotify - am I the only one who thought "Control of the Knife" would've been a fantastic single? It's such a damn bop. "Tangled Up" tour highlight for sure.
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  2. There were so many potential singles on Tangled Up - as well as your suggestion I love Crocodile Tears, Black Jacks and Girl Overboard (much more so than Can’t Speak French)
  3. It's no On the Metro or Every Now and Then, but I actually really like Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me and never skip it, purely because of Nicola's parts. I think she sounds so amazing on it.
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  4. Honestly, it's not a /bad/ song, it's just not a good Girls Aloud song.
  5. The irony of Nicola saying in the Ten Years documentary that they didn’t want their debut single to sound like an Atomic Kitten track…as they ended their run with an Atomic Kitten style track.

  6. Sorry if this was posted recently. But I've just had a blast watching it again. Sarah is hilarious, she brought so much joy to this group.
  7. You know what song I really love, but doesn't get a lot of love?
    I'm Falling.
  8. Atomic Kitten would NEVER.
  9. The British are very eccentric.
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  10. I'm Falling has been one of my favorites from Tangled Up since day one.
  11. Agreed! It’s such a rush in a wall-of-sound WTF-are-they-talking-about turn-it-up-louder way. So Girls Aloud!
  12. SBK


    Almost certainly wouldn't have made it as far as TEN
  13. Don't Want You Back is an early highlight.
  14. Yeah I actually like Don’t Want You Back, I just wouldn’t want it as a single over the 4 they picked. Would have loved to have seen Some Kind of Miracle get a release though.
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  15. XXX


    'I'm Falling' is one of my favorites from that album. The last three tracks on Tangled Up are actually my 3 favorites. The humming part on 'Crocodile Tears' is so lush.
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  16. I guess you’ve never wanted to be a punk rockaaaahhh!

    In all seriousness, I find it one of their more straightforward songs. I still love it though, it’s another one I see often maligned with people calling it “noise”.
  17. The whole of Tangled Up is pretty spectacular. It's a work of art.
  18. Yeah I remember on this forum the titles of The Promise and The Loving Kind were banded about as potential titles of the first single way before The Promise was even announced so I think The Loving Kind was definitely a contender.
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  19. I don't think anyone seriously believes that the girls were the engineers of their success. They understood the assignment when it came to bringing the music to life via performances and connecting with a wider audience but, musically speaking, they were Xenomania's muses for the best part of a decade which they often admitted in interviews. We can all imagine the questionable decisions that would have been made had they been left to their own devices. Plus, how much shorter their career would have been as a result.

    I don't think they ever truly got it. Releasing Beautiful as their final single felt a bit like them rebelling against authority and thinking that they knew best. Which is fine! They'd gained independence away from Xenomania and the seven years of the same recording-promoting-touring cycle that had turned them into the biggest girl group in the country. They weren't capable of steering the ship but they were the best passengers we could have asked for.
  20. Nadine said her favourite from Out of Control was Untouchable so I know which of them I would trust!
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