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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. No. We’re discussing what they would have picked had they been allowed to.
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  2. The Baubletastic mix is not only the best version of their cover, it’s one of my favorite songs of all time. Those synths!!
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  3. I wouldn’t have been mad at Love Is Pain. One of the best from Out of Control.
  4. Not that. I just re-read a few of the posts and it seems some people comment as if they believe the members of Girls Aloud had a massive amount of say in their careers.
  5. Love Is Pain? I don’t think that ever would have been a single. Had the girls had their way Rolling Back The Rivers would have been the third and final single from the album.
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  6. Thanks. To be honest, it’s just in a massive storage box in my cupboard at home (recently married and adopted a child so no space to display things of my own!) I sold the rest of my music collection a few years back except a few other Spice Girls, Britney, Sugababes and Beyoncé things so I don’t have much to store. It’s nice to get out every once in a while like today when I’m feeling nostalgic
  7. Rolling Back The Rivers is interesting because at the time, it was easily my least favourite song. But as I've gotten older, I appreciate it a lot more. Still not single worthy for me but I actually enjoy it now.
  8. It really should've been a double album with two unique release strategies:

    The Promise
    Rolling Back the Rivers in Time
    Miss You Bow Wow
    Revolution in the Head

    Untouchable (slightly beefed up album version)
    Memory of You
    It's Your Dynamite
    The Loving Kind

    ... but that's for another day.
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  9. They really dropped the ball in not making TEN a new studio album (5 Xenomania tracks and 5 other producer tracks) bundled with 10 of their classics. Since they knew it was their finale, they should’ve given us a bit more.
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  10. Ten hits / ten new tracks / ten rarities (on the deluxe). Would have been perfect.
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  11. Can anyone confirm or deny this. I think I read something on this forum a few years back saying that they were on the verge of being dropped around the time The Sound of Girls Aloud came out, but because of the success of Something Kinda Ooh, they avoided it. Is this true? Is there more background? This fascinates me. I wish I was on the forum back then.
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  12. They were on the verge of being dropped after Chemistry didn't reach the top 10 which is basically why the first Greatest Hits was released and then it went absolutely massive.
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  13. *puts on my custom designed TEN vinyl to manifest actual releases soon*
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  14. Yes, that's true. They were also on the verge of being dropped after Sound of the Underground (the album) because the label expected the success of Popstars: The Rivals to automatically translate into music sales, but Peter bargained for a second album.
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  15. Their ride as a girl band from Popstars is wild, it amazes me.
  16. I recently read Dreams That Glitter again recently and they talk quite openly about Life Got Cold underperforming and Jump/Love Actually was a real lifeline for them. Thank goodness the second album was a smash in every sense, meaning they didn't have to worry so much that era and got to focus on becoming better performers and touring etc!
  17. Actually "The Show" was another make or break point for them... They said that if the single would not perform well they would have been disbanded.
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  18. 'Rivers' would've been instead of 'The Loving Kind', then 'Love is Pain' instead of 'Untouchable'.
  19. Is this guessing or have they said it somewhere?
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