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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I don't know about Rivers replacing The Loving Kind but I know it was in the running to be the third single for sure and I think the girls liked it more, possibly. At least that's what I remember from forever ago.
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  2. I seem to remember a vote for the third single on their website but that might have been Can’t Speak French?

    Edit - Looking at the Untouchable Wikipedia, it WAS Out Of Control that they did a fan vote for. From memory, other strong contenders (being discussed by fans) were Rolling Back The Rivers and Love Is The Key, the latter had gained attention with a remix being used in the Girls Aloud Party advert.
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  3. Love is the key, with a single remix that was a mix of the album version and the remix could have been a decent 'Can't speak French' sized hit. Although it would have needed some more vocal distribution as well as it's so Kimberly heavy.
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  4. I voted for “Love Is The Key”.
  5. I've been loving Sarah's "Take a walk on the wiiiiiiild side of life!" in Something New recently.
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  6. Rewatching Off The Record. I always forget how brilliant this series was!
  7. Doesn't she just do the first verse though!?
  8. Out Of Control is... not as bad as I remembered. The cover most certainly is though.
  9. Re-listening you're right! I always associate it as a Kim heavy track but the post chorus verse is Cheryl and I always thought it was Kim.
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  10. I’d go for a 2LP, combined tracklists (leaning more towards the re-release’s order), but with the original black/pink/green colour art. If all the albums were on 2LP you could easily fit all the associated b-sides on the final side!

    A1 - Sound Of The Underground
    A2 - No Good Advice
    A3 - Life Got Cold
    A4 - Some Kind Of Miracle (Single Mix)
    A5 - All I Need (All I Don’t)

    B1 - Mars Attack
    B2 - Stop
    B3 - You Freak Me Out
    B4 - Girls Allowed
    B5 - Forever And A Night

    C1 - Love/Hate
    C2 - Boogie Down Love
    C3 - Don’t Want You Back
    C4 - White Lies
    C5 - Love Bomb
    C6 - Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

    The B-Sides
    D1 - Stay Another Day
    D2 - On A Round
    D3 - Girls On Film
    D4 - Lights, Music, Camera, Action
    D5 - Grease

    Also if the 5 studio albums were on vinyl, I’d love an Extras 2LP (using the Ten cover image) to collect all the other songs they released from the greatest hits eras (and also a perfect opportunity to finally release Wicked Games).
    A1 - Something Kinda Ooooh
    A2 - I Think We’re Alone Now
    A3 - Money
    B1 - The Crazy Life
    B2 - Why Do It
    B3 - Singapore
    B4 - Hanging On The Telephone
    C1 - Wicked Games (previously unreleased)
    C2 - Sacred Trust
    C3 - On My Way To Satisfaction
    C4 - Walk This Way
    D1 - Something New
    D2 - On The Metro
    D3 - Beautiful Cause You Love Me
    D4 - Every Now And Then
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  11. I always forget how Cheryl-heavy Out Of Control is. They really pushed her forward huh?
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  12. It's definitely a Sarah and Cheryl record. I remember the shock when I heard it for the first time and Nadine was practically absent for some tracks.
  13. Another song that deserves more love... She.
    I love how Nadine is the 'she' the rest of the girls are singing about and how she's all 'well, come and get it!'
  14. Nadine is performing in Prestatyn tomorrow night and Liverpool on Saturday, while Cheryl is at Birmingham Pride on Saturday night.

    Bless them both. Nadine is obviously going to do some Girls Aloud stuff. Maybe Cheryl will too? I think it will definitely hit me seeing them both talk about Sarah.
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  15. I don’t ever remember a vote. I thought Rolling was originally announced as the third single then fans complained and wanted Untouchable
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  16. upload_2021-9-24_6-42-30.jpeg

    just thought I’d pop this in

    Maybe it would have been best to have Rolling? Untouchable is amazing but that single mix is heresy
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  17. Miss You Bow Wow would’ve been the best choice for a third single.
  18. UGH the power that picture exudes. It would be nice if someone got it to Cheryl she had quite a few cute interactions with Sarah on the Ten tour.

    The Untouchable single mix was a mess yes but it also got the song released and in whatever form that space opera magnum opus was too good to just be left as an album track.
  19. Sarah’s funeral took place on Wednesday. I’m so happy the press never intruded and took photos of her family and friends arriving.
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  20. I know the single mix is a bit of a mess but Untouchable was easily the best single choice still, the edit just needed to be...less edited vocally.
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