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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Literally the only problem with the single mix is the vocodered vocals in the first verse. The “beautiful robots dancing alone” cold ending was genius.
  2. I didn’t like some of Cheryl’s vocals and it seemed like they gave her more parts because she was popular at the time.
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  3. TMI


    I have always prefered the punch of the single mix of Untouchable. The album version is very repetitive.
  4. It not having the "swimming with the sharks" part was a big mistake.
  5. TMI


    Yes, that’s what is missing in the single mix indeed. That has always been my thought about it.
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  6. What's she doing in Liverpool? Can't see anything about it online.

    EDIT: It's OK, spotted she's doing Bongo's bingo.
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The single mix version of Untouchable is fine, I think no matter how they edited it, it wasn’t going to be hugely popular because people had got used to the full length.
  8. I'm sorry but to cut out Nicola's epic into from the single mix is a crime to the music industry..
  9. SBK


    I'm sure they had a say in the decision - certainly towards the end of their run... But I imagine the label had the final say.

    You only have to read their autobiographies or old articles/interviews to know their taste in music does not align with what they were releasing. If they had their way they wouldn't have even continued working with Xenomania past the first few recording sessions. Doubt they would have made it to their first Greatest Hits if they were picking the singles.

    Yeah, Jump really saved them. Had they not had that, Polydor probably would have not bothered with another album.

    I agree, fans were always going to hate on a radio edit. My main gripe is they should have made the beautiful robots bit a bit of a middle 8 instead of doing 3 verses then using it as an outro
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  10. Yeah I'm reading Dreams That Glitter at the moment and they originally wanted Deadlines & Diets as a single instead of Love Machine. I mean I love the song, but as a single? Ddd.
  11. I do love that song though. It was quirky and could have been a fun single but only later in the campaign.
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  12. I read on Wiki that they didn't even like No Good Advice when they first heard it and Xenomania basically told them to take it or leave it.

    Imagine if that working relationship had ended then and there...
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  13. Didn't they say in the Ten documentary that after this and Love Machine they learned to keep their mouths shut and listen to what people were telling them, ha.

    I can't imagine hearing No Good Advice and not liking it however I can also imagine that the early demo was probably nothing like the finished version.
  14. It was such a strong second single, literally the perfect follow up to Sound of the Underground.
  15. There was definitely a poll on their website during the Out Of Control era.

    They likely preferred 'If You Wanna Roll With Me' then. Yikes.
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  16. Brian Higgins said that Girls Aloud initially did not like the song - "we played them some of it, and they said: 'That's not our sound.' I objected to the use of that phrase 'our sound'. I told them they had five minutes to talk about whether or not they wanted to continue with me. They went away and spoke about it and since then it's been fine. They come in expecting to work, and there's a trust there which, I think, dates back to that day." (from Wiki)
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  17. It's interesting that even on their second single they were the ones having those conversations, Im guessing as a result of Louis' lack of involvement. I feel they learned a lot about the business very early on even if at the time they would have preferred an easier time.
  18. Cheryl has understandably pulled out of her performance at Birmingham Pride tomorrow.

  19. Reading her statement has set me off again. I can’t imagine what she and the other girls are going through.
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