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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I am definitely still finding it hard to process that Sarah is gone. I have been watching old interviews over the last couple of weeks, and today I watched the bonus footage on the What Will the Neighbours Say? tour DVD. Sarah talking about being obsessed with Tiffany when she was younger and the hospital DJs dedicating "I Think We're Alone Now" to her while she was in having her tonsils removed... she seems like such a lovely, sweet person, so genuine. I don't normally feel particularly affected by celebrity deaths, but Sarah was a huge part of something so important to me. It's difficult to think about the fact that if/when the girls reunite, she won't be there.
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  2. Totally agree with this take. The original version is such an OPUS, that a shortened version was bound to feel like a let down no matter what they did with it.

    Does anyone know for certain if there is a version of the full-length song that has the production of the single mix? I feel as though it's been mentioned on here before, but I have never been able to find it. While I don't care for the vocoder and it frustrates me that so much of Nicola and Sarah's parts were trimmed in favor of Cheryl, I actually like the beefier production of the single mix...
  3. There was a super-short "album edit" on the box-set single, ran 3:05. No vocoder on the vocals/original production with edits.

    Bimbo Jones' remixes of the single were ok, but I'm still sad the label rejected the highly superior SoulSeekerz duo of remixes for it. Happy those saw the light of day.

    Almighty remixed it too but that production felt so flat.
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  4. My issue with the Untouchable edits are their lengths. Like, I get that nearly 7 minutes might be too much, but hacking it down to 3:00-ish was too blunt.
  5. Cheryl's statement is actually quite heartrenching. Welling up again.
  6. The vocoder on Untouchable being a point of contention all these years later, even after the revelation the album version would've had it too if they hadn't ran out of time always makes me laugh.
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  7. I think I'm in the minority here, but I loved the effects on it. Would've loved to hear the album version with them.
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  8. I kinda like the vocoder effect, too.
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  9. It’s only Nicola’s first line and Sarah’s lines that are jarring.

    The vocoder for Kimberley is fine and it’s barely noticeable for Cheryl. The chorus and Nadine’s lines aren’t using it.

    If they’d used it subtly on Nicola’s first line and Sarah in general I don’t think it would be so controversial.
  10. I recently watched the live version of Untouchable from when they supported Coldplay, it was a shorter version, they missed out all of Sarah's bits! On the repeat of Cheryl's prechorus they could've had Sarah do hers instead. NOT gay rights.
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  11. That performance video always cracks me up. Nadine is visibly annoyed by the lower volume of her mic and is signaling to the engineers to turn her up and the camera just cuts to Cheryl giggling her head off.
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  12. The vocoder is what makes Untouchable for me. I just wish the single version had the "swimming with the sharks" part and it'd be perfect.
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  13. “Untouchable” from the Out of Control Tour is by far the best live performance of the song and a huge highlight of the tour for me. I’ll never get sick and tired of watching it.

  14. I just came in here to post this. Every time I see this thread pinned at the top of the forum, I try to let it sink in more, but it still is just...... whoa. It feels really weird. I think because Girls Aloud hasn't really been *a thing* in some time, it's taking longer for me to process it.
  15. I’m glad it’s not just me. We’re all in this together friends <3

    Any single mix that reduces the two best non-Nadine vocalists for Cheryl will always get a low-key side eye from me. Cheryl has decent enough vocals but Sarah & Nicola are on a whole other level in comparison.
  16. I’m currently reading Kimberley’s book and enjoying it greatly as it goes in depth with the band behind the scenes and history. Much more fun than Cheryl’s.
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  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Death is always so difficult for me to process. Right around the time Sarah passed, one of my older aunts left this world too. I remember sitting on her lap as a toddler, going to have dinner after Sunday service at our Baptist church, and realizing in my teens that as a Black woman, she not only owned a house, but more than one car, which were some of the first images of a strong, but successful Black person in our little country town, especially as a Black woman. And last night, like...nine years after my nana dying, she appeared in my dreams the way she did when I was in second grade, and just the sound of her ripped me up.

    I think that's the shining beacon of light when it comes to death. We may not be able to have them like we want, or hold them as we once did. But they still exist. Not only in memory, but in the moments they visit us and ground us again. People can never truly be forgotten when their mark is still known. And that's something that Sarah always represented. She was a ball of joy, unadulterated glee, and able to see the light in whatever she did. Honoring her memory would be to continue on in her tradition, so that what she gave to this world continues to live on, and impacts people just as she did when she was here with us all.
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  18. Sarah’s I Remembeeeeeeer hook from Miss You Bow Wow refuses to leave my head for days now.

  19. They're all so good here but damn Nadine is just on another level.
  20. I’m wearing my Girls Aloud TEN T-shirt tonight on a night out in Manchester, and I just feel so PROUD of Sarah.
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