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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Boyzone also did various tributes to Stephen after he passed. It’s about how you go about it tastefully.
  2. But it does all come down to what they want to do at the time. As hard as it would be to see them tour without Sarah, I think I'd have to go. I never was able to see them live, in person, before and I'm hating that I never could but I'd fly to the UK to see them tour again if that's what they decide to do for the anniversary.
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  3. I could see the 20th anniversary being reissues/rarities and maybe the 25th anniversary being a tour etc when they’re more ready.

    Next year just feels very soon for a tour (maybe even distasteful?) as much as I’d like to see them together.

    Some kind of tribute to Sarah at some point outside of the anniversaries would be lovely whether that be a charity event or something similar.
  4. Yes, they really don't need to tie it in with any 20th anniversary nonsense. Just do it whenever it feels right.
  5. Mr.Arroz

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    Isn't one of these @P'NutButter's? I could be wrong.
  6. If they did vinyls of the singles but not the albums, I truly would have to fly over to England just to give them a piece of my mind.
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  7. The Chemistry one.
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  8. Most of them would look better on black but I would buy all that
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  9. I honestly only want Tangled Up, Out of Control & Ten (Deluxe) on vinyl. Fingers crossed. I have a custom-made TEN vinyl of just the first CD of tracks but to have the bonuses in a triple LP/gatefold.... would be legendary.
  10. I’d take any vinyls to be honest, the colours in those mock ups are great.
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  11. Personally I just don't think it would work as a 4 peice. Even if the reason for them being a 4 piece was different and not a tragic one, I still don't think it would work. Like lets just say one of the girls left the band or decided not to reunite, I just can't picture it. They all bring something to the band that would be extremely noticeable with one of the girls missing.

    I'm sad for the girls and especially Sarah as I feel like she would have loved the chance at doing a reunion tour and maybe it was a plan but I really can't see it happening. I don't even feel like the girls probably care that much about touring to be honest and the money would have been a big help in getting them to tour again. They really don't strike me as the type of band that will always reunite and do things together like Take That and other groups.

    I think I would go to the tour though as It would feel wrong to miss it since I've been to all of their tours.
  12. Sarah on the Out of Control album cover... gay rights.
  13. I prefer the special edition cover of Out of Control.

    ETA: See below!
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  14. [​IMG]

    This as a 12" picture disc, or the cover of the vinyl release.... throwing my money at it right away.
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  15. Imagine not wanting Chemistry.
  16. Couldn't be me.

    I'd 100% be okay with just getting vinyl releases for the 20th anniversary and maybe an overhaul on streaming as well, making sure everything is up. That would be perfect.
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  17. As much as I love the girls, none of them had that wild, loud, hype the audience up personality that Sarah had on stage. Always felt that Sarah added that little bit of spice to their shows. If the 4 do decide to do shows, I think it will have a very different vibe to what we are used to.

    Also quite gutted that she never got the chance to put an album out like all the others did. She worked so hard behind the scenes on music and it’s a bit shit that it’s all sitting on someone’s hard drive locked away.
  18. Not sure if it’s OK/ even relevant matter to vent about but I honestly want the thread to stay at the top of this section of the forum for a little longer, at least until the one-year mark.
  19. I agree. It was only really Cheryl and Sarah that would be the ones who'd say 'come on -insert city name-, make some noise!' etc.

    There are so many bits that would make me sad if they got back on stage together. Even songs like Jump, as Cheryl and Sarah would always waltz off to the side of the stage holding each other.

    I can't lie, I would love to see them live again as they're my favourite girl group. However, whilst I'm sure many of us can relate to losing a family member or friend, it's a different scenario for the girls as they'll be constantly reminded of Sarah's loss in interviews and performing.
  20. For the anniversary they could do a string of shows in aid of the charities Sarah supported.
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