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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. What nonsense.
  2. No tea no shade you're rude as hell!
  3. Yawn...
  4. They’re #6 in my Apple Music replay artists 2021 with 18 hours of listening.

    They were 100% a comfort to the tragedy of losing Sarah. That post above is disgusting.

    I also think there’s no shame in them appearing high up in lists every year.
  5. They were my #5 artist in my 2020 Wrapped. However, only 'On The Metro' made #53 on my 2021 Wrapped. I felt it a bad sad to listen to them this year.
  6. “Not Tonight Santa” is used in the opening of the new Netflix Christmas film “Single All The Way”
  7. I don't think there's ever been a year where Girls Aloud haven't been in my top 5 (or even 3) most played artists.

    Some things never go out of style.
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  8. Great pop music has no expiry date x
  9. If you're not still getting absolute life from songs such as Sexy! No No No... in 2021, then your opinions or comments are not relevant.

    Silly comment, bops don't age! I still listen to Girls Aloud regularly as well as Come and Get It by Rachel Stevens and Neon Nights by Dannii Minogue in 2021, simply because the material still slaps.
  10. XXX


    Why? It's great here in 2006.
  11. Have there been any songs that people haven’t really liked or listened to in a long time but it finally clicked with them and you can’t stop bopping?

    For me I’ve really been getting into Big Brother which I don’t think I’ve played since 2005/2006.
  12. Well Something New is in my top05 most streamed song of the year and Girls Aloud are in my top 05 artists of the year for the fifth year in a row, but there are good bops in 2021 as well.

    PS: I didn't mean to be rude, so apologies if I came across this way. It's great to see that we are still bopping to our girls
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  13. For me it’s Stop ever since doing the rate. I can’t believe I didn’t give it attention until now. The debut gets mostly ignored by me when it comes to picking what album to play. A similar situation happened to me a few years ago when Love/Hate clicked and I was taken aback that I’d ignored it too.
  14. So this, together with a picture of Nadine from 2019 in the jungle as your avatar.... make it make sense.
  15. This happened to me with It’s Magic last year!
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  16. I would say it's Live in the Country as I'd never got past the animals howling in the beginning.
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  17. Live in the Country is probably the only song of theirs I haven't played since 2008 ddd.
  18. Absolutely. That and Thank Me Daddy.
  19. Some Kind of Mircale has become a favourite after I ignored it. It's so joyful. I think I need to properly revisit the debut.
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  20. White Lies from the debut really grew on me in the last year I play it a lot and often think about what would have happened if it was a single.
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