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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Could be requests by the girls/management after it aired perhaps certain stuff cringed them out too much.

    Side note, it always crushes me watching how much they over analyse themselves during the Whole Lotta History music video viewing scene. Crazy how stunning every member looks in that video and to see them say otherwise particularly Nicola is just so sad! I hope they look back differently now
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  2. Surely, although you would imagine that the management had their say before the TV airing anyway as it was pretty much a collaborative project with the TV channel. Usually the "DVD release" is the one with the exclusives and "not-seen-on-TV" hot footage, so it was just fustrating how we got the opposite. It is still the best ever music documentary ever released to these days and a pleasure to watch.
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  3. For the Sugababes, it could be their management agreed to the TV airing but not the DVD release. Do we have a list of other things that were cut?
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  4. She's so beautiful. Just tiny stuff like this makes it hit so strongly just how much I miss the girls!

  5. I miss Cheryl the popstar. I understand her putting her family first nowadays and she's earned it, but she is missed in today's pop scene, especially as a performer.
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  6. As much as I miss her also, she tried twice to come back and nobody seemed to be biting. Her pride performances gave her a bit of a boost, but nobody seemed to care about her new music.
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  7. Let You was stellar though. I wish we got the "album" to go with this song and Love Made Me Do It - pure pop dance bliss suits her very much! I don't care if she never scores a hit again, I just want new music!
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  8. Same. Same. She's one of my absolute favorite people and I miss her.
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  9. TMI


  10. Untouchable is forever one of the greatest pop songs.
  11. The album version is mind blowing, what a moment.
  12. The 6minute version? That’s the only one I listen to as I love the extra verses.
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  13. Yup the single mix is deleted in my mind.
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  14. Nicola and Sarah shine. Why the single wasn’t a number 1 is beyond me. Even the music video is perfection.
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  15. Cheryl needs to release a Greatest Hits Collection (I know it's years too late) but she needs to get it done.
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  16. Deleting the 'swimming with the sharks' bit was unforgivable.
  17. The autotune too.
  18. 3 Words and Promise This on vinyl would absolutely slap.
  19. Side A:
    1. Fight For This Love
    2. 3 Words
    3. Parachute
    4. Promise This
    5. The Flood
    6. Call My Name

    Side B:
    7. Under the Sun
    8. Crazy Stupid Love
    9. I Don't Care
    10. Only Human (original, not that crap radio edit)
    11. Love Made Me Do It
    12. Let You

    This would really work as a GH vinyl pressing. Throw in a new photoshoot or some outtakes from the "Only Human" campaign as the artwork with a printed sleeve of artwork/credits from the 3 albums/singles, and she could make some coin.

    Also - justice for "Stand Up" not being the 4th single from the debut, and "Waiting for Lightning" getting overlooked for the title track's radio mix for "Only Human". Ugh.
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  20. Considering how patchy her albums were I’m still shocked that this absolute gem wasn’t given the single treatment.

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