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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

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  2. SBK


    Well, the press release says there are a number of events planned... They aren't likely to announce anything like that unless they're imminently selling tickets.
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  3. This is a lovely idea!

    I can’t go to London for it but I’m sure they’ll have a great turn out. Hoping some of the other events they have planned will be public too later in the year.
  4. Yes but the wording of the press release implies that the dinner gala is the biggest of those events (“culminating with”). So I don’t know if they don’t want to spoil the surprise and just worded it badly, or if they just don’t want to get the fans’ hopes high by highlighting straight away that the diner gala will indeed be the biggest event (ie no concerts).
  5. It's a tricky one. If they put on a concert, I feel there would be pressure from the public for them to perform. And as they've said, they're just not in the right headspace to do that right now, which is totally understandable.

    If they do an industry gala, they're sure to attract big names who'll probably donate huge sums of money.
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  6. That is such a lovely idea. I’m already doing the Race For Life locally in memory of Tom Parker, but Sarah will definitely be in my thoughts too.
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  7. MB


  8. I don't know why I've found this announcement so upsetting.
  9. I'd like to go along, I'm figuring out the logistics of getting there. I imagine it will be very emotional seeing lots of familiar faces taking part.
  10. If I can get to London I'll be there. It'll be emotional for sure!
  11. You're not the only one.
    It's just another reminder.
    I feel the same.
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  12. SBK


    Well, maybe that's just it, there aren't going to be any concerts. Not in the immediate future... Girls Aloud obviously aren't ready to do it without Sarah yet, and as @kiokiokio says, there'd be a lot of expectations and pressure for them to reform for it.

    Maybe next year?
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  13. There's something incredibly beautiful and at the same time excruciatingly heart-breaking about their 'reunion' being a Race for Life event.

    Most of the time, I actually don't compute that Sarah isn't here anymore. When I watch their performances etc, I forget that she's gone. But when I see interviews of her, that's when it hits me all over again.
  14. There’s something so beautiful and yet so upsetting about this event. Beautiful in the sense that they’re doing all they can to raise money and follow Sarah’s wish, but also so upsetting being reminded of the incredible icon we’ve lost.

    Please can we save the “I wonder if they’ll do a concert to raise money” chat and just do all we can in celebrating and supporting each fundraiser as and when announced, however small or grand it could be.
  15. Please can we let people express their grief the way they feel it? No one here is harrassing the girls for a live event or something - I wouldn’t even dare asking the girls on their social platforms. But here it is a discussion forum for pop fans and some of us will find healing in discussing the possibilities of a charity concert for example. Let’s not be too strict on what people should say or should not say. We are not doing any harm and every one is 100% supportive of any decision the girls would make or any action that could support the cause. We’ve been supportive of each other so far so let’s carry on being kind and supportive, with no judgement.
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  16. For anyone meant to be seeing Nadine at Chesterfield Pride (same day as the race), she's replied to a fan saying she's trying to make everything possible where she can travel to the event after the race. If timings don't work, she's said she'll do the race virtually.
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  17. Seen, understood and respected.

    I don’t know.. I just feel them announcing this fundraiser and then the “do you think tickets could go on sale soon?” feels slightly wrong and moves away from the announcement and fundraiser.

    But alas, I’m not here judging nor suggesting right or wrong so please don’t take it as that. Please grieve and post how you feel helps you in this. I respect that.
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  18. Off topic but I would like to announce that after years of me not seeing what you all did in it Black Jack's has finally clicked for me! That chrous! Those drums! I don't know how I never really heard those elements before. I've been listening to them non-stop latley - and I keep discovering or rediscovering new songs by them and obsessing over them. They really were the most incredible band, weren't they?
  19. Unpopular opinion but just a tad too much Nadine. Nicola needed some vocals in there too!
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  20. The girls when they listened to Chemistry for the first time.
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