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Girls Aloud: Sarah Nicole Harding (1981-2021)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Tesco warehouses 2011-2013, landfills 2013-present:
  2. Taken from the Daily Mail so you don’t have to click - Kimberley’s reason for not being at the race.

    The Bradford native will be abroad on a pre-booked holiday for her mum Diane's 70th birthday but has vowed to FaceTime her fellow BRIT Award winners while taking part virtually.

    She said: 'Yeah, I'm away with my mum cos it's her 70th birthday so unfortunately it's just bad timing but I will be racing with family members and I'll FaceTime the girls from where I am and I'll race at the same time.

    'I mean, I'm sad to not be there but also I think it's gonna be so emotional. Maybe if we were all there together it would just be too much for everybody to deal with.'
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  4. How was this ten years ago? I still refer to 2012 as "a few years ago" fff

    Anyway, Screw You was definitely the hit single that never was!
  5. “Sexy Den a Mutha”, despite it’s cringey title, should’ve been a single in 2012/13.
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  6. SBK


    Yeah, Sexy den a mutha came on shuffle the other day and it was such a missed opportunity.
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  7. A fantastic album.
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  8. I met Nadine after York pride today.

    She was incredible!
  9. Tell us more!
  10. Sorry, yes!

    her set list was:

    Sound of the Underground
    Go To Work
    Call The Shots
    Sexy! No No No…
    Sweetest High

    She had a great size of crowd as she was the headliner.

    We could see around the stage that she was having some pictures taken after. I’m shy and wouldn’t want to bother her, but my boyfriend pushed me into going round and when she seen me she put her arms out and shouted “come here!”, because I think she could tell I was nervous haha. Gave me a cuddle, said she seen us in the audience, thanked me for the support over the years and posed for a few photos. She asked what we were doing, I said it was my birthday tomorrow and she said “fellow Gemini!” and we left her in peace.

    She was a sweetheart. Posed for pictures with everyone that was round there and was just as you’d expect: bubbly, friendly, chatty Nadine!
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  11. By total chance I recently stumbled across a few GA instrumentals, some of which I hadn’t previously heard (at least not in high quality). Namely all the singles from WWTNS, Chemistry and Something Kinda Ooooh, and I know some have been available for a long time but I’d never heard I’ll Stand By You, and I’ve been waiting on Long Hot Summer to appear forever! I’ll stick them all online when I get more time, but for now I’ve uploaded this criminally underrated gem:

    and I’ll Stand By You:

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  12. Long Hot Summer is so underrated. If that had been a bigger hit, do you think we’d have gotten a different 3rd album?
  13. Nadine....ugh.....the queen!!!! She is so humble and sweet.
  14. Long Hot Summer is one of my GA favourites. Easily.
  15. I'll ask here since the Cheryl thread is still locked, was the Radio Version of Under the Sun any different or was it one of those cases where it's identical to the album version?
  16. I can’t hear any differences. It’s the same length too.
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  17. Cheryl and Nicola at an event last night. Think it's the first time Cheryl's been to one in ages! They look fab.

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  18. They do! Looks like it was for Miranda Cooper’s new musical too.
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  19. Wearing pleated pants at a public event without steaming them is a crime.
  20. Even when it's just 2 members together, my heart melts.

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